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The Centre of Excellence for Research in Psychotherapy and Spirituality (CERPS) seeks to contribute knowledge at a broader level and at a more specialized level. At a broader level, in regard to its research activities, the Centre provides a forum for dialogue among researchers, trainers and practitioners in the vast area of counselling, psychotherapy, and spirituality. By its interdisciplinary character, it aims to contribute to the integration of counselling, spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, philosophy and/or pastoral theology.

The Centre encourages applied research and welcomes all ways of knowledge relevant to the field of psychotherapy and spirituality. Therefore, it supports theoretical, empirical and/or clinical research that is quantitative or qualitative in nature.  At a more specific level, the Centre seeks to understand the health and well-being of individuals, couples, family, and the greater community.  The Centre operates from a framework of positive psychology in looking at personal, social and spiritual factors that can inform resilience, coping, hope, compassion, connection, and meaning and purpose; factors that are foundational to mental health.  The Centre strives to understand these factors within the context of Canadian society but also internationally and as they pertain to diverse populations (e.g., culture, ethnicity, gender, religious or spiritual tradition).

The Centre conducts research and training with the goal of fostering growth in the area of mental health and in particular attends to the role of spirituality in healthy living. The Centre also strives to be a network for knowledge dissemination and exchange so that research findings can influence policy, services, and community well-being.