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In September 1995, a group of professors came together to raise the profile of women researchers at Saint Paul University. To this end, they organized many activities and shared their expertise in various domains with the common goal of developing a bilingual multi-disciplinary research Centre. In March 2000, the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions was officially opened.


The members of the Centre are devoted to research affecting issues concerning women, but not limited to, Christian traditions. They work to raise awareness of feminist analysis and women's studies as well as pursue dialogues within other universities, communities and organizations that share their objectives and concerns.


The Centre has the mandate to:

  • Promote and secure Women's Studies and/or feminist research in the fields of biblical studies, history, pastoral studies, theology, counseling, ecumenical studies and spirituality;
  • Be a place where those who are interested in women's studies and/or feminist research are encouraged to work together and to be creative;
  • Provide training to students at the master's and doctoral levels;
  • Stimulate and support research projects and related activities;
  • Organize meetings of researchers involved in feminist and Women's Studies;
  • Publicize the results of research through lectures, books, articles, etc.