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Our publications

One of the objectives of the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions is to publicize the results of research and discussion via lectures, books, articles and other media.

The following list indicates publications that have been created at the initiative of the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions:

  • Pierrett Daviau, ed., Femmes artisanes de paix: Des profils à découvrir. Médiaspaul, Montréal, 2013, 288 pp. ISBN 9782894209219.
  • special issue of Sciences Pastorales / Pastoral Sciences 22:2 (Fall 2003): "Women and Spiritual Experiences."
  • special issue of Theoforum 34:1 (2003): "On Feminist Theologies and Spiritualities."
  • Pierrette Daviau, ed., Pour libérer la théologie. Variations autour de la pensée féministe d'Ivone Gebara. Québec, Presses de l'Université Laval, 2002, 220 pp. ISBN 2-7637-7890-9.

Femmes artisanes de paix: Des profils à découvrir is the result of a Centre for Women and Christian Traditions' research project (2009–2012). More than ten researchers contributed original papers focusing on the role of women in grassroots peacemaking, including but not limited to the spiritual implications of such roles. Groups or individual women represented are Mama Boboto and Cécilia Biye, the Bahai'ie community, CODEPINK, Jeanne Devos, Catherine Garrett, the Chilean women, Eva Sanderson, Sisters in Spirit, Sophie Scholl, and Clara Zetkin. This research was presented at a conference held at Saint Paul University on November 25-26, 2011, and was published in 2013.

Upcoming publications

Being the Change We Seek (working title) is a collection of thought-provoking papers and small-group dialogues around the spirituality of women and its transformative power in society, politics, culture, church and in their own values and relationships. Contributors include Ivone Gebara, Annette Esser, Susan Roll and a number of recent presenters of major public lectures and workshops organized by the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions.