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Development of innovative research and resources to support religious education and catechesis

Members are engaged in a variety of teaching, seminar, in-service and research activities and support the work of practitioners: catechists, teachers, chaplains and others in the field of religious education and catechesis. They also encourage the ongoing research and development of new scholars of religious education and catechesis in the Canadian context.

i) Projects and updates

The Centre for Religious Education and Catechesis has begun a new project designed and led by our researcher, Dr. Carol Kuzmochka: An Action Research Project in Adult Faith Education in Canada: Towards Transforming Practice. Working collaboratively with Carol and co-researcher Prof. Miriam Martin, director of the Centre, four focus group members (effective leaders in adult faith education from western Canada, eastern Canada, Ontario and Quebec) will engage in action research over the next 10 months. This research is designed to contribute to transforming practice in adult faith education that closes the gap between faith and life and empowers mature Christian believers/disciples. The project has three goals: 

  • to generate innovative responses
  • to generate much-needed empirical data and potential future research questions
  • to generate resources for adult faith education and the formation of catechists to work with adults 


(visual map of the research project) 

PROJECT UPDATE - February 24, 2019

ii) Findings

iii) Resources

Cover of Resourse - Five Promising Practices







Email us at recentre@ustpaul.ca to receive an electronic copy of our latest resource: “Five Promising Practices and Other Practical Wisdom: A Resource for All Who Accompany Adult Faith.”









iv) Researcher

Researcher: Dr. Carol KuzmochkaCKuzmochka


Dr. Carol Kuzmochka has been a leader in adult faith education her entire adult life: as a part-time professor, researcher, consultant, facilitator, keynote speaker and diocesan director. Her research for both her Master of Religious Education and Doctor of Ministry degrees explored the accompaniment of adult faith, and she continues to write, research, teach and lead extensively in this field. In September 2018, Carol started her new role as researcher for the Centre for Religious Education and Catechesis, designing and leading the project "An Action Research Project in Adult Faith Education in Canada: Towards Transforming Practice."