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Do you need to depeen your knowledge of Canon Law, canonical practice or ecclesiastical administration to better serve your community ?

Why study canon law at Saint Paul University?

  • For its excellent reputation, its experience, its history and its Catholic tradition
  • For its small classes and its low student/professor ratio
  • For its safe and friendly campus, which offers personalized services
  • For its bilingual character and its location in the heart of Canada’s capital
  • For its diverse student population, which brings an international perspective

The study of canon law mainly consists of the study of the Code of Canon Law. A number of disciplines are related to this subject: theology of canon law, philosophy of law, fundamental concepts of Roman law, elements of civil law, history of the fundamental canonical structures of canon law, history of the sources of canon law, the relationship between the Church and civil society, and canonical administrative and judicial practice. We also offer an introduction to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, the study of Latin, as well as optional courses, exercises and seminars.

Offered by the Faculty of Canon Law, the ecclesiastical programs in Canon Law also allow students to receive civil degrees, such as the Graduate Diploma in Canon Law, Graduate Diploma in Canonical Practice or Graduate Diploma in Ecclesiastical Administration, and the Master’s in Canon Law.