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Camille Gascon-Morin is a Masters’ student in Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University. 

Camille was looking for an international adventure while pursuing her education, so she registered on exchange for the 2012 fall semester of the Université Catholique de Lille.

In the heart of the Lille Vauban-Esquermes district and within a 300-kilometre radius of five European capitals (such as Paris, London, Brussels and Luxembourg), the Université Catholique de Lille welcomes over 2,000 international students from 100 countries every year.

C. Gascon-Morin

“I was looking for a way to incorporate the textbook knowledge that I have learned from school into real life situations,” Camille Gascon-Morin said. “It’s an experience that ultimately changes your personal and professional future.”

On an academic level, Camille recognises that her classes in law, theology and politics were tough in a European curriculum context. “While the course content and teaching methods were different from those in Canada, the diversity I gained from learning through a European lens was incredible.”

“If there was one thing I could recommend to future SPU exchange students, it would be to attend the orientation session upon arrival at Université Catholique de Lille,” said Camille. “You quickly establish a comfort zone in a school that is so large.”

C. Gascon-Morin (2)

Camille enjoyed the young and energetic city filled with life and the largest student population in France. “By far one of the most exciting events in September is the Braderie. I was immersed in French culture and engaged in traditional French festivities such as the Moules–Frites competition. It’s a student-friendly, affordable cultural experience every student from Saint Paul student should have!” said Camille.

For those Saint Paul University students looking to experience their education from a European perspective, a semester exchange at Université Catholique de Lille would be a valuable opportunity.

To get additional information on the Université Catholique de Lille or any other options offered by the Saint Paul University’s International Office, please visit SPU’s website here or contact us by phone or email.

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