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Call for nomination: Saint Paul University Distinguished Researcher of the Month

The Distinguished Researcher of the Month designation recognizes a member of the Saint Paul University teaching staff for outstanding contributions to university research.


Full-time and part-time members of the Saint Paul University faculty are eligible for the award.


Only current students or recent graduates may nominate candidates, based on an interview with the faculty member that highlights their research abilities and achievements.

The interview may focus on the publication of a scientific book or article, a major conference in the candidate’s field of expertise, a recent research grant, or the candidate’s overall career.

Following the interview, the student must submit a presentation in support of the candidate to Recruitment and Communications Services, which will select one candidate each month as Researcher of the Month. The presentation may be in traditional or digital format (e.g., written submission, comic strip or animation, video or video game, song, etc.).


The first day of each month.


Each month, Recruitment and Communications Services will select one candidate as Researcher of the Month. Nominations must be submitted to the Director, Recruitment and Communications Services:

The same student or the same researcher may be chosen more than once, but not in the same year.

At the end of the academic year, the Honorary Degrees Committee, which reports to the Senate, will evaluate all the presentations submitted and select the best one. The student who prepared the winning presentation will receive a $500 scholarship.


The best presentation will be posted monthly, and the grand prize winner will be announced at spring convocation.

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