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Saint Paul University has a bicameral system of governance, comprised of the Senate and Council of Administration. The latter, composed of fifteen members of the community and University senior management, is responsible for the overall administration of the University, financial decisions and the approval of regulations necessary to ensure sound management, according to the educational policies established by the Senate. 

In accordance with our governance framework, the Chancellor, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast is the titular head of Saint Paul University and in line with our rich heritage and statutes, Saint Paul University works in collaboration with the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.


Capital Campaign progress 

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN PROGRESS - Guiding Transformation Together

Saint Paul University offers an exceptional educational experience to our students, which prepares them to rise up and face many of the challenges that affect our world. Our programs are designed to keep up with an evolving and increasingly complex global landscape.

Thanks to the strong leadership of our Rector, the engagement of an exceptional family of donors, the commitment of our Campaign Cabinet, and the support of a dedicated team of internal and external champions, our campaign achievements through 2016–2017 include

  • establishing two new named Schools, a new Centre for Student Life, a new Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a $1M fund to educate psychotherapists supporting Indigenous communities
  • expanding our scholarship and bursary fund by $800,000
  • confirming the three largest gifts in the University’s history.


Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality: Cornerstone gift of $2.5M

Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

Sister Sandra Shannon, SP, General Superior of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Vincent de Paul, Kingston, and Chantal Beauvais, PhD, Rector, Saint Paul University


Celebration to recognize the leadership gift by the Sisters of Providence of Saint Vincent de Paul, Kingston, April 7, 2017 Sisters of Providence of Saint Vincent de Paul
Sister Sandra Shannon, SP

“The congregation in some way wanted to honour our Sisters, past and present, who through education ministry witnessed to our Charism over the 156 years of our existence. We came to the conclusion that all of us are educators, no matter what ministry we have been involved in. We are pleased to partner with Saint Paul University in this way.”

Sister Sandra Shannon, SP
General Superior
Sisters of Providence of Saint Vincent de Paul, Kingston



Élisabeth Bruyère School of Social Innovation

Sisters of Charity of Ottawa

Celebration of a Transformational Gift by the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, February 15, 2017

 Sister Rachelle Watier, SCO

“The relationship between the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa and Saint Paul University dates back to their founding days, and from the beginning, it has been a history of collaboration and partnership.”

It was the philosophy of the new Élisabeth Bruyère School of Social Innovation that attracted them.

Like Mother Bruyère, who “found happiness in relieving the suffering of humanity, helping the child who wanted to learn, listening to those who felt alone,” the School will train interveners to help the less fortunate out of their difficult situations.”

Sister Rachelle Watier, SCO
General Superior
Sisters of Charity of Ottawa


Student Life Centre

Student life centerStudent life center

“We sincerely thank the board members of the Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc. and the Saint Paul University Student Association for their generous gifts. Their support will allow us to update the image of our institution and continue to pursue our objective of becoming transformational leaders while maintaining our vision: preparing our students to be the face of change in the world.”

Chantal Beauvais, PhD
Saint Paul University


Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre

Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre

 From left to right:

1st row: André Beaudry, Chief Advancement Officer, Saint Paul University; Father Raymond Marquis, OMI; Hélène Carrière and Jacques Noel, board members, Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc.; and Jordan Dosch, board chair, Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc.

2nd row: Normand Beaulieu, Vice Rector, Administration, Saint Paul University; Father Luc Tardif, OMI, chair, Saint Paul University Capital Campaign Cabinet; Dr. Chantal Beauvais, Rector, Saint Paul University; Yasir Naqvi, MPP for Ottawa Centre; Catherine McKenna, MP for Ottawa Centre; Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa; Denis Desautels and Jules Dagenais, board members, Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc.

Official opening: November 8, 2016


“The completion of this project clearly reflects the University’s commitment to meeting new needs with purpose, generosity and creativity.” 

Fr. Luc Tardif, OMI
Campaign Cabinet Chair
Saint Paul University



“Our vision at Saint Paul University is to be the face of change by building a more inclusive and compassionate society. Actualizing that vision starts with our unique programs and services, such as those offered by our Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre. We are extremely grateful to the Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc. for its generous donation, which supports our efforts to become transformational leaders.”

Chantal Beauvais, PhD
Saint Paul University


One-million-dollar fund for training psychotherapists working with Indigenous communities

Two transformational gifts amounting to a total of $1,000,000 have allowed Saint Paul University to create a new partnership in counselling and spirituality with Indigenous peoples. This initiative, a first in Canada, has been established in cooperation with First Nations University of Canada, Nipissing University and St. Mark’s College/University of British Columbia.


Addition of more than $800,000 to the student scholarship fund

Since the start of the fundraising campaign, several bequests from very generous graduates and friends of Saint Paul University have added more than $800,000 to our student scholarship fund. We will remember these donors who, through their contributions, are saving lives and helping people in need. 

As education is widely recognized as being the most effective tool for reducing poverty and giving people the means to take action, we invite our donors to contribute to the Guiding Transformation. Together Scholarship Fund, which aims to create scholarships for the following groups:

  • first-generation students – the first young person in a family to benefit from a post-secondary education;
  • Indigenous students ;
  • international students from developing countries.

Saint Paul University has pledged to make the same contributions as donors: that is, one dollar for every dollar donated.


Confirmation of the three largest gifts in the entire history of the University!

Saint Paul University is proud to announce that, since the start of the Guiding Transformation. Together campaign, it has received the three most generous gifts in its history: one gift of $4 million and two of $2.5 million each.