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Submit Your Choices in Lent

When you have made your selections, please send an e-mail to Gordon at gjohnston@ustpaul.ca, using the outline shown below.

When giving reasons for hymn selections, please explain why your choice of hymn is suitable for that particular place in the liturgy (opener, gradual, preparation of gifts). Be sure to balance your theological thoughts with musical reflection and analysis. You'll notice there is no opening hymn; it is replaced by singing the Trisagion at the end of the Penitential Order.

When you submit your hymn choices, please indicate if there is something new that needs to be taught before the service.

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Penitential Order (BAS p.216)

Trisagion 707

Gradual hymn:

Gospel Acclamation (716 or 717):
First Phrase:
Second Phrase:

Hymn at Preparation of Gifts:


The Lord's Prayer 744

Fraction anthem (690 or 745):