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Selecting Music for Community Worship - Responsibilities of the Coordinator

The weekly Thursday Eucharist of the Anglican Community at Saint Paul University has a dual function: it is both formative and transformative – that is to say, it is a learning experience where students learn how to plan and create good liturgy, and it is a worship experience where we open our hearts to God and to each other.

The coordinator of the weekly Thursday Eucharist is expected to select the music. The following six selections need to be made:

  1. Opening hymn
  2. Gradual hymn
  3. Gospel Acclamation (alleluia)
  4. Hymn during the preparation of the gifts
  5. Sanctus
  6. Fraction anthem

Select the music for worship well in advance of the date of the celebration, and submit it using the form on this website. Please get this information in as early as possible. There is always much for us to discuss, and the more time we have to e-mail back and forth about your choices and the reasons for them, the more learning takes place. It would be appropriate to submit your choices a week in advance, but at the very least they must be submitted no later than the Tuesday evening preceding the Thursday Eucharist. I often say, if you learn nothing more from me during your years at Saint Paul University, I hope you have these three words engraved in your mind: timely worship planning.

I would be happy to work with you in selecting the hymns, to show you how to find what you're looking for, and how to select hymns to suit the particular liturgy you are planning. Please feel free to ask for help, either by e-mailing me during the planning stages or by speaking with me at the University. I'd be glad to work with you one on one, if you like, especially if you are new as a worship coordinator in this community. Please feel free to make an appointment with me if you would like help, or call / e-mail me if you have questions or run into difficulty. Please do not call me the day before the liturgy and ask if I have any suggestions. Selecting good music well in advance is your responsibility.

Please remember that it takes time and work to select appropriate hymns – don't just pick three of your favourites that you think everybody knows. Become familiar with Common Praise and call me well in advance of your assigned liturgy if you need help.

Gordon Johnston, Director of Music

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