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Thanks to you, our students are planning for their future. Your donations have a direct impact on their success. 

Being a small university, it is essential to have your support to ensure that our university remains diverse and dynamic. We are committed to fostering the greatest possible intellectual success, while developing leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility in each of our students.

Your donations help us build a stronger and more humane society, one graduate at a time.

Gaayathri Saravanamuthu  

“It’s been a difficult journey, doing this on my own, because where I come from, we don’t see a lot of people who have been able to be successful…and it’s been such an honour to have so much support from this community, from Saint Paul University and from the KDS, to know that they think that this work is valuable, that they know that we can strive, we can do better and we can make those connections.  It’s such an honour.” 

– Gaayathri Saravanamuthu, International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons Scholarship Recipient 

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