“The generous support I received allowed me to concentrate on my studies and get fully involved in the rich learning experiences that Saint Paul University offers, both within and outside the classroom. I was able to focus my energy on my studies and contribute to the learning environment by becoming an active member of my university community in various ways. This support had an incredibly positive impact in all areas of my life, and opened doors for me that will allow me to continue to learn and grow.”. 
 Meghan Richey, student, M.A. in Theology

International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons Bursary Presentation Ceremony
Guy Cormier

“Saint Paul University and Desjardins Group are natural partners. The Élisabeth Bruyère School of Social Innovation and the Mauril Bélanger Social Innovation Workshop are Canada’s leaders in post-secondary education in social innovation. They make a difference in communities by supporting entrepreneurial and social initiatives. All of this is in line with the values of Desjardins Group, whose purpose is to enrich the lives of individuals and communities.”
 Guy Cormier, President and CEO, Desjardins Group

“It was important for the students and SPUSA to contribute to Saint Paul University because we believe in its mission and vision for the future. We hope that the changes realized during this capital campaign will inspire and motivate present and future students to better themselves on a personal level and create new relationships, and will help them with their academic growth. This contribution was a highlight of my term as president of SPUSA. Our aim was to revitalize life on campus and improve on what is already a very positive student experience.”
– Sébastien Larocque, Bachelor of Human Sciences, (Hons), Class of 2017, past president, Saint Paul University Students’ Association (SPUSA)

Sébastien Larocque

The relationship between the SCO and SPU dates back to their founding days, and from the beginning, it has been a history of collaboration and partnership. It’s Saint Paul University’s mission and philosophy that draw us to them. Like Mother Bruyère, who “found happiness in relieving the suffering of humanity, helping the child who wanted to learn, listening to those who felt alone,” Saint Paul University trains interveners to help the less fortunate out of their difficult situations.”
Sr. Rachelle Watier, SCO, Superior General, Sisters of Charity of Ottawa

Sister Rachelle Watier

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