Annual Giving

Gifts for Today: cash, cheque, credit card, pre-authorized chequing, online, payroll deduction

Outright gifts give you the joy of seeing the benefits of your donation today. Donations and pledges to Saint Paul University may be made by cash, cheque, pre-authorized chequing, and credit card. For current Saint Paul University faculty and staff members, payroll deduction is also an option – see our printable form.

Automatic Monthly Giving

More and more supporters appreciate the convenience of automatic monthly giving and knowing that a monthly pledge helps the University plan year round. You can make a monthly pledge online, by calling us or by using our printable form.

Gifts-in-Kind: stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
Giving publicly listed securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, is a popular way of making a gift today, since these gifts are exempt from capital gains tax. You will receive a tax receipt for the market value of the securities on the day of legal transfer to Saint Paul University.

Real Estate, Art, Equipment, Books, Manuscripts

Saint Paul University also accepts donations of appreciated property, such as real estate, art, equipment, books and manuscripts. You will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of these gifts as assessed by qualified appraisers.

If you would like more information on making such a donation, contact André Beaudry, Alumni and Development Office.

Gifts of Securities


The 2006 federal budget made gifts of appreciated securities more appealing than ever. On May 2, 2006, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that the government will exempt donations of publicly listed securities to public charities from capital gains tax, effective immediately.

Universities and other charitable institutions stand to gain from the elimination of the capital gains tax exemption for donations of publicly listed securities. This change in the tax policy will be of significant interest to a number of potential donors and will generate new opportunities for people to get involved with Saint Paul University's innovative teaching and research.

An outright gift of securities allows donors to see their gift at work during their lifetime and to fulfill their philanthropic objectives, while at the same time benefiting from immediate tax advantages. If you give stocks, bonds and mutual funds to Saint Paul University, you will eliminate the capital gains tax on the increase in value. When you combine this with your charitable tax credit, the savings can be significant. In some cases, the charitable tax credit could exceed the cost of the original investment.

For example:
Ms. Smith wishes to donate $1,000 to Saint Paul University. She owns stock currently valued at $1,000, which she purchased several years ago for $400. This means she will have a capital gain of $600. Because she is donating the shares directly to Saint Paul University, Ms. Smith is eligible for a gift receipt for $1,000, and she will not pay tax on the capital gain. Had she sold the shares and donated the proceeds, she would have been taxed on $300 (50% x $600) of the gain.

There are three ways a donor can make a transfer of securities to Saint Paul University:

  1. Have the shares electronically transferred to Saint Paul University.
  2. Give the share certificate in the donor's name to Saint Paul University, along with a Power of Attorney that allows the University to transfer the shares.
  3. Re-register the shares certificate in the name of Saint Paul University.

Staff at the Alumni and Development Office will work with alumni and friends, along with their financial and legal advisors, to determine the best procedure for the individual and will help guide him/her through the process. As with any gift, the donor may designate the use of the value of the securities or leave the gift unrestricted.

For information, contact André Beaudry, Alumni and Development Office.

In Memoriam and In Tribute: remember or honour a colleague, friend, or loved one.

Matching Gifts: your company may match your donation

Double the Impact of Your Gift!
More than 500 companies actively encourage employees and retirees to support their universities and colleges by offering to match their gifts to their alma mater. To take advantage of your company's matching program, follow these simple steps:

  1. If your company will match your gift, ask the corporate donations officer or your human resources department to give you an application form.
  2. Fill in the form. Enclose it with your gift to Saint Paul University. If you have already made your gift, complete and mail the form now.

A spouse/widow(er) of an employee or a member of the Board of Directors may also be eligible for a match.

Each gift has an impact

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