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Spiritual. Human. Open. Engaged.

The Catholic identity and the ecumenical character of Saint Paul University favour a learning environment that allows students to explore existential questions following the Catholic intellectual tradition. This helps our students to understand and navigate the pluralism so characteristic of today’s world, and to interact confidently with that world.

To be human is to recognize the ephemerality of life and acknowledge one’s limitations and vulnerability; to recognize that one can find the true meaning of life only through one’s relationships with nature, with others, and with God. We firmly believe that in our age of increasing globalization, university research and teaching should contribute to the modern project of making our world a better, more humane community.

Saint Paul University offers an open and safe environment where no one is a stranger or an outsider. Our university welcomes all who want to journey together along the pathway to learning, discovery, excellence, service, and personal growth.

To be engaged is to understand that through conscious and decisive actions, and by joining forces with others, each and every one of us can help build a stronger, more humane global community. That’s why Saint Paul University uses an approach that combines theory with practice.