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Territorial Acknowledgement

Miigwetc sa kidinim oma kabihek, Saint Paul kikinamadimigwam Anishnabe akikak ka padigisik

Niwi tibadjimanan sa Anishnabek e kitenimak e kipiodamwact Akini acitc nibini

Anishnabe mega omigwam Ottawa, mi oma eji nickidadiotc kidji madinimagiotc obimadizinawa

Pekadendomwinkak acitc minadjidiwinkak kigeji mino tajikemin kakina edinizik oma Anishnabe otaki

We want to thank everyone who is present and acknowledge that Saint Paul University is located on the traditional unceded territory of the Anishinabe-Algonquin Nation.

We would like to honour the Anishinabek who are the caretakers of the lands and waters of the Kitchi Sibi (Ottawa River Valley) since time immemorial.

We acknowledge that the site of the City of Ottawa serves as the home of the Anishinabek, as a place for spiritual ceremonies, cultural gatherings, and exchanges among Indigenous people across Turtle Island.

Today, this spirit of peace and friendship is the foundation of relationships among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, from around the globe.


Welcome to Saint Paul University!

Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, Saint Paul University (est. 1848) is the founding college of the University of Ottawa, with which it has been federated since 1965. A bilingual institution, it offers undergraduate and graduate study programs.

Proud of its rich heritage, over the years Saint Paul University (SPU) has evolved into an institution whose primary focus is on the multiple facets of the human experience. Not surprisingly, that priority is reflected in our current study programs: in addition to our founding disciplines—canon law, philosophy, and theology—we offer courses in social communication, social innovation, transformative leadership, counselling and psychotherapy, public ethics, conflict studies, and human relations and spirituality.

Besides its academic programs, SPU offers a number of complementary services, including support and guidance to help students succeed academically and personally; access to symposiums, conferences and workshops with distinguished specialists in the areas of issues facing today’s society; a student residence; and a library with an outstanding collection of documents and books on a range of specialized subjects.

SPU is known for its small class sizes, personalized service, diverse student population and international vision, solid reputation, rich history, and Catholic intellectual tradition.

photo du devant de l'université Saint-Paul