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SPU’s Catholic Mission

A unique cultural crossroads

As a Catholic academic institution, Saint Paul University (SPU) believes that faith and reason are both essential elements of education, and that true learning takes place in an environment that fosters freedom of thought, personal growth, and cultural equity. SPU is a unique cultural crossroads that welcomes students, professors and employees of all backgrounds. By promoting discussion and mutual understanding, the University environment invites members of the community to learn to appreciate their differences and reaffirm their commitment to their faith within a Catholic educational mission.

In joining the SPU academic community, our members undertake to respect the University’s ecclesiastical nature and support its development.

Unique services

As a Catholic academic institution, Saint Paul University endeavours to make a creative contribution to the humanization of society, and to participate in Christ’s evangelical mission in an interdisciplinary, integrated way. The campus offers many places for reflection, prayer and celebration. Our objective is to better welcome and serve students, faculty and staff, and to support the transformation of the Church and society.

In the spirit of the work of Saint Eugene of Mazenod and Oblate charism, Pastoral Services provides the university community with hospitality, support, animation and celebration services.

Reflecting the University’s commitment to inter-Christian collaboration, De Mazenod Chapel, Henri Goudreault Oratory and the Chapel of Saints Joachim and Anna are open to all who wish to express their faith in and love of God.

Identity and Oblate mission

Elements of a Vision for an Oblate Catholic Institution of Higher Learning, published by the Association of Oblate Institutes of Higher Learning.