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Rémi Lepage is a full time student at Saint Paul University studying towards his doctorate in theology, systematic and historical concentration.

Rémi in front of the main building of the old University of Erfurt

Photo 1:  Rémi in front of the main building of the old University of Erfurt founded at the end of the 14th century.

Rémi has been doing research, guided by Doctor Benedikt Kranemann, Liturgy Professor at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Erfurt in Germany since April 15 of this year and will continue to do so until July 20, 2013. His participation at seminars and conferences during this semester will help him complete his thesis research on the priesthood of the baptized exercised in the liturgy. He is confident that this semester working with German theologians will be very beneficial.

the old synagogue in Erfurt

Photo 2: This is the old synagogue in Erfurt, built in 1094.

Rémi told us that “at the University of Erfurt, the international office provides opportunities for foreign students to meet German people in order to get to know them and to exchange on common interests”. One of these opportunities is an international event which takes place on the third Thursday of every month in a café where tandems are formed depending on the languages people want to practice. For example, as a francophone, he was paired with two Germans who wanted to practice their French. In doing this, they alternate between French and German during conversations, and get to know one another at the same time. 


Photo 3: This picture was taken during Krämerbrückerfest; this street is like no other as it is in fact an occupied arched bridge, one of the main attractions in Erfurt.

Erfurt is a very interesting city adds Rémi. There is an important core of houses and monuments dating back to the Middle Ages in the oldest area of the city. A few places are also known as having been visited by Martin Luther when he was a student or a monk. There are also many ancient churches in Erfurt, as well as the oldest synagogue in Europe, dating back a little over 900 years. The most important traditional holiday of the year is the Krämerbrückerfest which is held during the second weekend of June and has become an opportunity to discover the region's crafts and culinary specialties. His sojourn in Erfurt allows him to discover all that this city has to offer.

Rémi again in front of the main building of the University of Erfurt

Photo 4: Rémi again in front of the main building of the University of Erfurt. On this photo you on the left, the building where is lives during his stay.

The pictures are testimony to the historical environment in which Rémi has the opportunity to pursue his research project.


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