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A Reflection on the Advent Season

By Sarah Kathleen Johnson, PhD

We are in the midst of a dark season. The nights are long and the days are short. We are more aware of the rotation of the earth and our location in the Northern Hemisphere. We are also in the midst of a season of light, of sunshine on snow, of moonlight and starlight, of candlelight and Christmas lights.

In the Christian tradition, we are in a season of anticipation, of waiting in hope for the dawning of God’s new creation. The season of Advent is an opportunity to celebrate the goodness of both darkness and light, and the presence of the Divine both day and night.

Darkness is often used as a negative image for evil or sin. But darkness can also be a positive image of goodness and holiness. Darkness can be an image of depth, intimacy, and mystery: a seed buried in rich nourishing soil, the relief of shade in bright sunlight, the gentle darkness wrapped around a deep sleep, the power of the unknown and the unknowable.

We can draw on images of both darkness and light to reflect on God’s presence with us. We can explore the sacred gifts of both darkness and light through scripture, song, and story in this season when we wait and work for God’s reign of justice and joy.

Together, we pray for sacred rest in beautiful darkness, and for peace to break forth in glorious light.


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Dr. Sarah Kathleen Johnson is Assistant Professor of Liturgy and Pastoral Theology and Director of the MDiv and MTS programs at Saint Paul University. She is a practical theologian who studies Christian worship in the context of a changing North American religious landscape. She is also ordained for ministry in Mennonite Church Eastern Canada.






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