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(Re)discover Connection Through Creative Writing

Workshop Visual - December 1 - (Re) discover connection trhough creative writing

(Re)discover Connection Through Creative Writing

Exploratory creative writing workshop led by Tara Hurford.

 Thursday, December 1, 2022

5 pm to 8 pm EST in the Desjardin Room at the Atelier (Social Innovation Workshop) - 95 Clegg St, Ottawa

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Pat Schneider, founder of the Amherst writers collective, appeals to the way exploratory creative writing and sharing in small circles have the capacity to promote understanding and healing and (re)discover interpersonal connections. Could this provide a possible opening towards broader understanding of the way we are all interconnected - towards a greater conscientization regarding the world around us and the way we understand ourselves in relation to broader socio-political issues? Join us for a free, exploratory creative writing workshop.

About the Activating the Heart in Higher Education Series

We believe the purpose of education is to nurture our wholeness and help us understand the complexity of the world. This project is an invitation to integrate cognitive intelligence that defines the academia, with the intelligences of the heart, body and will. Our intention is to create transformative learning experiences that activate our hearts to the experience of wholeness and the healing of painful divisions inherent in our social systems.

This project is funded by the Relance Project of Saint Paul University.

This series is hosted by Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality and is intended for the Saint Paul University community and the wider community.


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