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Learning Dialogue: Choosing to Befriend the Stranger Organizer:

Date :October 26 - 27
Room: Restaurant Laframboise, auditorium
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L’Arche Ottawa is convening a series of Community Dialogues over the next five years. Our goal is to provide a diverse group of people with an opportunity to engage in dialogue on building a stronger and more compassionate community by both recognizing and reaching beyond differences. We invite you to discover both a foundational skill and a process transforming self through dialogue.


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Number of participants: minimum: 50; maximum: 250


In this first of five annual dialogues we will explore Choosing to Befriend the Stranger, a theme that has grown out of the L’Arche experience. A key goal is to promote dialogue among members of the National Capital Region who may, or may not be in dialogue with one another, with the aim of building a more caring and compassionate community.