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Imagination and Spaces for Social Change Professors:
Dr. Cécile Rozuel
Lauren Michelle Levesque

Date :2019-08-26
Room: Saint Paul University
Regular Student
Registration Fee $230.00 $120.00

Meeting Points: Imagination and Spaces for Social Change is an interdisciplinary conference aiming to create opportunities for meaningful exchanges between academics, practitioners and the community. Creative solutions involving multiple stakeholders are needed to respond to growing tensions in communities and social constituencies around issues such as inclusion, representation and sustainable engagement with ‘the commons’ (Sabbagh and Schmitt, 2016). We invite contributions on imagination and spaces that help inform the possibilities for creative engagement and meaningful connections leading to constructive social change.

The conference will gather academic researchers, practitioners and community members invested in social change explorations. Keynote speakers are Dr. Alexandra Fidyk (University of Alberta), Dr. Elizabeth Jackson (University of Guelph), Martin Rutte (Project Heaven on Earth) and Dr. Jesse Stewart (Carleton University). Number of participants: minimum: 15; maximum: 70

Objectives :
Bridging reflection and action to design creative solutions calls for holistic worldviews, engaged leadership and a platform to learn from experiences. The objective of this conference is to offer such a platform.