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Aboriginal Pastoral Ministry Leadership Program Organizer:
Lorraine Ste-Marie

Date :May 25-30, 2014
Room: Saint Paul University
Regular Student
Liturgy Session: Leading the Prayer of God’s People $495.00 $495.00
Religious Educations Session: Echoing God’s Word $495.00 $495.00


In partnership with the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa, Saint Paul University is offering a one-week program from May 25-30, 2014 for preparing aboriginal lay leaders for ministry. This event is hosted by the school of Practical Theology.


Designed to support leadership in Aboriginal communities, the formation includes teachings on Christian worship, the Bible, the Lectionary, leading prayer services, preparing reflections on Bible readings and including Aboriginal cultural traditions in prayer services.

Number of participants: minimum: 10; maximum: 50

Objectives :

Saint Paul University is pleased to offer for the third year in partnership with Kateri Native Ministry in Ottawa a week-long Aboriginal Ministry Leadership Program for persons exercising leadership in both liturgy and religious education in their respective faith communities.  This session brings in participants from aboriginal communities across Canada, many of whom are sent by their local bishops and/or local faith communities. This year the session will be offered from May 25th until May 30th.  Participants can choose to register in one of the two sessions offered:

Session 1: Liturgy Session: Leading the Prayer of God's People

Session 2: Religious Education Session: Echoing God's Word