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3rd Annual Conflict Studies Graduate Students’ Symposium: Contemporary Themes and Challenges Professor:
Jean François Rioux

Date :April 26, 2019
Room: Multipurpose Room, Guigues Hall
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Fees for attendees from Saint Paul University $0.00 $0.00
Fees for external attendees $20.00 $0.00

Conflict Studies offers theoretical analyses, practical implications, and the ability to influence policy change. This year’s symposium themes will explore contemporary developments within this field of study. The topics will focus on new trends in the study of conflict resolution processes, States and new conflict actors, ethnic conflicts, and theories involving social justice. Registration fees go directly towards food and beverages offered during the symposium.

• Students in Conflict Studies and other related disciplines • Members of the public service sector • Non-governmental organizations Number of participants: minimum: ; maximum: 500

Goals of the Symposium: 1. Create a formal space for academic exchange for graduate students in Conflict Studies and related disciplines. 2. Develop an intellectually engaged community of Conflict Studies graduate students with experience in all stages of the conference and publication process. 3. Provide a space to showcase graduate research to the public sector and NGOs. 4. Provide opportunities for all levels of the Conflict Studies student body to participate.