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Who is Imitating Whom? A Mimetic Meditation on the Upcoming Donald Trump Presidency

January 16, 2017

With Donald Trump poised to become President of the United States, the American people need discernment to determine how best to respond to him as President. The next four years could either lead to entrenched mimetic structures of violence, in which people mutually harm one another, or to mimetic structures of blessing—mutual empowerment.

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Celebrating the Life and Thought of René Girard

October 25, 2016

French-American thinker, René Girard, developed a transdisciplinary theoretical perspective centred on mimetic desire and scapegoating that is having a transformative effect in many fields and disciplines. His work has transformed our understanding of the human condition. His death on November 4, 2015 is being commemorated at Saint Paul University with a Glasmacher Lecture on the evening of November 3rd and a Colloquium on November 4th.

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On "locker room talk" as an issue of public ethics

October 09, 2016

Trump's latest scandal - a video recording where he brags about sexually assaulting women - helps us to reflect on three important topics in public ethics: clarity and precision of the language and concepts we use to talk about such scandals; the boundary between private and public; the interlocking nature of power and oppression.

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