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Playing with the Facts and De-Worming your Mind

January 09, 2019

Is it okay to distort the truth to support a moral/political position?

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In appreciation of Canadian values

September 04, 2018

The ongoing conversations on diversity make me think: What does it mean to be a Canadian citizen, particularly for a first generation immigrant like myself?

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No Fake News and No Hype: Discovery University's Graduation Ceremony

April 17, 2018

The reflections offered by students at Discovery University's Graduation ceremony were a delightful antidote to the current world of fake news and hype.

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Post-election perspective

November 09, 2016

Some things to remember as you work through your feelings about the US election.

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Cosmopolitanism After Brexit

July 05, 2016

Once it became clear that the Brexit supporters were going to win in the referendum, global markets dipped, diplomacy froze, and the British pound took its worst beating in years. None of these outcomes, however, completely capture the blows dealt to the cosmopolitan idea that propelled EU in the first place.

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