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Civil rights

What does it mean to ''Immorally Use a Canadian-Made Military Vehicle in Saudi Arabia?''

August 10, 2017

The is much value in thinking about what "using a vehicle" means since how this term is defined will determine much of the ethics of the whole problem regarding our selling arms to Saudi Arabia. But the issue is broader than the current issue with Saudi Arabia. It goes to the heart of what it means for Canada to sell arms to countries with poor human rights records.

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John Stuart Mill, Feminism and Voting--

June 05, 2017

June 5, 1867. Mill proposed to the British Parliament that women be granted the vote. His proposal didn't pass. It is quite a thought to imagine what would have happened had Mill been successful.

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Trudeau’s Use and Abandonment of Electoral Reform: Will the Zombie Walk Again?

June 01, 2017

Trudeau has promised to open up elections not once, but twice. Twice he has abandoned his promise. Will he promise to do it a third time?

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Moral Transgression and Anti-Intellectualism: the Trudeau Government’s Abandonment of Voter Reform

February 03, 2017

“Moral transgression” is an accurate term for the Trudeau government’s abandonment of voter reform. I try to make the case. I offer some reflections on the political issues briefly afterwards.

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Kevin O'Leary -- The Canadian Donald Trump? Let's Take This Possibility Very Seriously.

December 06, 2016

Canadians probably believe that Donald Trump's success could not be duplicated here. In fact, it might just be that we will have an opportunity to test that belief since Kevin O'Leary is contemplating a bid for the federal Conservative Party leadership.

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How Some People are "Okay" with Racism: Lessons from Plato's Cave and Sartre's Mauvaise Foi

November 22, 2016

We often delude ourselves by thinking that we have less responsibility than we actually do. As Plato points out, when we know something, we become responsible beings. Sartre stresses that our responsiblity is so deep and daunting that we often flee from it.

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Upcoming Conference: Building Hospitable Communities for Aging

September 21, 2016

The international interdisciplinary conference Building Hospitable Communities for Aging: Challenges and Opportunities will take place at Saint Paul University from September 28 to 30, 2016. Matt provides a brief outline of the reasons for the conference, the topics it will cover, and the long process of community involvement which went into its planning.

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Is Surfing and Texting During a Lecture Acceptable? No....but why not?

September 05, 2016

Is it acceptable to use a laptop and/or cell phone during a lecture to look up extra information? Is it acceptable to use a laptop and/or cell phone during a lecture to surf or look at Facebook? I say no in all cases. Laptops are for notes and cell phones should be used at breaks.

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Ethics: Is it just for the Nervous?

July 14, 2016

Ethical problems are by nature incompleteness problems. They are not solved, but only partially tackled and examined. Being truly ethical means never being completely comfortable with one's beliefs.

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An open letter to Governor Pat McCrory

April 07, 2016

An open letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory concerning the signing of House Bill 2 into law.

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