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Louis Perron
Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

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Louis Perron is a professor of ethics and philosophy at SPU’s School of Public Ethics. He is interested in issues of social and fundamental ethics, the role of religion in the public space, and the links between philosophy and religion.

Matthew McLennan
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

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Matt McLennan's areas of expertise are French philosophy, social/political philosophy, and continental meta-ethics - i.e. the ways in which thinkers in the tradition of continental European philosophy have sought to theoretically ground and articulate our understanding of morality and ethics. Matt's current research focuses on the ways in which contemporary French theory - particularly French feminism - enrich and challenge our moral thinking.

Rajesh Chandra Shukla
Associate Professor, School Director, Faculty of Philosophy

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Dr. Rajesh C. Shukla is an Associate Professor and Director of the School of Public Ethics at Saint Paul University. His research interests reside at the intersections of moral and political philosophy, focusing particularly on the conceptions of justice and civic friendship, ethics and public life, secularism and democratic citizenship, and immigration and welfare states.

Rajesh has published in the following journals: French Journal of Media Research (2016, forthcoming); Frontiers of Philosophy in China (2014); East and West Thought (2014); Toronto Slavic Quarterly (2013); Contemporary Thought (2013); Philosophy, Culture and Tradition (2013); Maritain Studies (2013); and Existenz (2011). He has served as the guest editor for the Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Tradition (2013), and co-edited three books with his colleagues.

Rajesh’s current research project is devoted to understanding the impact migration (including immigration) on the functioning of welfare states. In addition, he is also editing works on “Ethics and Public Life” and leads a research group on “Ethics and Public Policy” at Saint Paul University.

Richard Feist
Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

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Richard Feist’s Research Interests include: Metaphysics, History of Ethics, Military Ethics, Process Philosophy and Public Ethics.

Sophie Cloutier
Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

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Sophie Cloutier has a doctorate in philosophy from Laval University. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Public Ethics at Saint Paul University and co-director of the Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance. Her specialization is the political thought of Hannah Arendt, and her research focuses on the intersection and relationship between ethics and politics, particularly with respect to political judgment in multicultural situations and the issue of political wrongdoing. She is also engaged in research into the ethics of hospitality as a philosophical framework for the re-examination of multiculturalism, the meeting of cultures and religions, and the relation of otherness, and is interested in the ethics of care and the thought of Simone Weil. Professor Cloutier recently co-edited the collective work Le temps de l'hospitalité: réception de l'œuvre de Daniel Innerarity (Presses de l’Université Laval, 2015).

Vern Redekop
Full Professor, School of Conflict Studies

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For the past 25 years, Redekop has been studying deep-rooted conflict and reconciliation. Before that he was President of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR). His work has taken him to Indigenous communities in Canada, and a number of countries around the world. His publications continue to explore theoretical and practical sides of conflict and reconciliation in a number of contexts.