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Matthew McLennan
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy

Matt McLennan's areas of expertise are French philosophy, social/political philosophy, and continental meta-ethics - i.e. the ways in which thinkers in the tradition of continental European philosophy have sought to theoretically ground and articulate our understanding of morality and ethics. Matt's current research focuses on the ways in which contemporary French theory - particularly French feminism - enrich and challenge our moral thinking.

Report-back from Discovery University

December 10, 2016

Matt gives a brief description of his class at Discovery University and reflects on what the experience means for humanities education.

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Post-election perspective

November 09, 2016

Some things to remember as you work through your feelings about the US election.

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Awful historical men give me life advice (part 2)

October 18, 2016

In part two of his reflection on canonical but awful figures in the history of philosophy, Matt further discusses the example of Arthur Schopenhauer. He shows how Schopenhauer's philosophical system contains a remedy, or at least the rudiments of one, for his own prejudicial views.

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Epictetus and the paradox of self-care

October 13, 2016

Matt offers a personal reflection on the ancient philosopher Epictetus and asks the question: how do we square philosophies of self-care with the need to build a better world for everyone?

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On "locker room talk" as an issue of public ethics

October 09, 2016

Trump's latest scandal - a video recording where he brags about sexually assaulting women - helps us to reflect on three important topics in public ethics: clarity and precision of the language and concepts we use to talk about such scandals; the boundary between private and public; the interlocking nature of power and oppression.

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Upcoming Conference: Building Hospitable Communities for Aging

September 21, 2016

The international interdisciplinary conference Building Hospitable Communities for Aging: Challenges and Opportunities will take place at Saint Paul University from September 28 to 30, 2016. Matt provides a brief outline of the reasons for the conference, the topics it will cover, and the long process of community involvement which went into its planning.

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An open letter to Governor Pat McCrory

April 07, 2016

An open letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory concerning the signing of House Bill 2 into law.

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Awful historical men give me life advice (part 1)

April 06, 2016

Many great moral thinkers were not particularly good people. What explains this paradox? And what does it entail for an education in ethics and moral philosophy? This week Matt sets out the basic issues in order to launch an ongoing series of reflections taking Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) as his main case study.

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