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Special Matrimonial Cases and Procedures

Separation of the spouses with the dissolution of the marriage bond (dissolution of ratified and non-consummated marriages, dissolution in virtue of the Pauline privilege, dissolution in favour of the faith). Separation of the spouses with the bond remaining. Convalidation of marriage. Procedure in presumed death of a spouse. (cc. 1141-1165, 1692-1707) ¬Exclusion: DCA 5133|

Faculty of Canon Law >> Canon Law

Minimize schedule Course schedule for the session: Winter 2017
Section Schedule Day Location Professor
DCA 5138 000
Course offered in English
January 09 - April 08 Wednesday 09:00 - 12:00 TBA Wojciech Kowal
Section Schedule Day Location Professor
DCA 5138 W00
Course offered in English
January 09 - April 08 Wednesday 09:00 - 12:00 Online Wojciech Kowal

Presentation of the universal legislation on: ratified and consummated marriage (c. 1141), dissolution of ratified and non-consummated marriages (cc. 1142; 1697–1706), dissolution of marriages in virtue of the Pauline privilege (cc. 1143–1147), certain sixteenth century provisions (cc. 1148–1149), dissolution of marriages in favour of the faith (c. 1150 and the special norms), separation of spouses when the bond remains (cc. 1151–1155; 1692–1696), validation of marriage (cc. 1156–1165), presumed or alleged death of a spouse (c.



Knowledge of the legislation; interpretation of ecclesiastical laws and their application in the life of the Church.



Participation in the course; written exam at the end of the course.



Written final exam.


Mandatory Reading

1983 Code of Canon Law, cc. 1141-1142, 1697–1706; cc. 1143–1150, special norms Potestas Ecclesiae; cc. 1151–1155, 1692–1696; cc. 1156–1165;c. 1707.


Important Information


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