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By virtue of the federation of Saint Paul University with the University of Ottawa, the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University offers graduate programs leading to degrees conferred jointly by the senates of both universities.

These programs operate within the framework of the regulations of Saint Paul University and of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of the University of Ottawa.

The Doctor of Ministry is an applied research degree program designed to give professionals a deeper appreciation of the plurality of forms and understandings of ministry. It assists students in developing knowledge and appropriate methodologies for the advanced critical study of ministry through applied research. Graduates will be equipped to discern and promote the forms of collaborative and transformational ministry best suited to the human values, cultural expressions, and multiple dynamics of their given context.

The Doctor of Ministry program envisions the role of professionals in ministry as facilitating the public activity of Christians, who form a ministering community and work hand-in-hand with women and men of other faiths to serve the wider society. Ministry is carried out through a variety of institutional structures located within distinctive ecclesial, ecumenical, multi-faith, social, and cultural contexts.

The Doctor of Ministry combines the resources of theological study and reflection with the methodologies of the social sciences to equip leaders with the skills needed for critical practicum research and the generation of new knowledge. The combined resources of the Faculties of Theology and of Human Sciences support the interdisciplinary character of the Doctor of Ministry degree.

The DMin is a bilingual program.