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Licentiate in Philosophy

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  • Program requirements
  • ARCHIBALD Clinton
    Public administration; Political commentator; Governance
  • BEAUVAIS Chantal, Rector
    Edith Stein, Ethics
  • CLOUTIER Sophie, Assistant Professor
    Research in environmental and medical ethics, political philosophy of Hannah Arendt, genetics and religion
  • DWYER Rocky, Adjunct Professor
    Human resources management and ethics; leadership
  • FEIST Richard, Associate professor
    Ethics; metaphysics; phenomenology; philosophy of science and mathematics, process philosophy (especially Alfred North Whitehead)
  • GILMORE Alan, Adjunct Professor
    Accountability and ethics in government; corporate ethics
  • MELCHIN Kenneth R., Full Professor
    Economics Ethics; Business Ethics; Social and Political Ethics; Lonergan Studies
  • PERRON Louis, Associate Professor
    Contemporary continental philosophy; Phenomenology and hermanentics; Jean Ladrière; Ethics
  • RIOUX Jean-François, Associate Professor
    History of conflict resolution; peacebuilding; conflict analysis; disarmament and arms control; ethics of armed intervention
  • SHUKLA Rajesh Chandra, Associate Professor
    Ethics and political philosophy; public policy; environmental ethics; and Karma theory.
  • SWEET William, Adjunct Professor
    Late 19th and early 20th century Anglo-American philosophy (particularly, the origins of analytic philosophy and British idealism); ethical theories and applied ethics (especially, cross-cultural ethics); political philosophy, The philosophy of Jacques Maritain
  • WALTERS Gregory, Full Professor
    Social and Political Ethics; human rights; biotechnology and ethics; genetics and ethics; nanotechnology and ethics

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