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Human Relations and Spirituality

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  • Program requirements

A complementary minor is taken in addition to a student’s main program. There is no direct admission in a complementary program; the choice is made after admission and registration in a bachelor program.

Compulsory courses (18 credits)

  • HUM1101 Introduction to Sociology of Religion
  • HUM2101 Psychology of Spiritual Experience
  • PSY1101 Introduction to Experimental Psychology (UO)
  • PSY1102 Introduction to Applied Psychology (UO)
  • PSY2303 Personality (UO)
  • PSY3102 Interpersonal Relationships (UO)

Optional courses (12 credits)

12 credits from:

  • ANI2126 Facilitation and Active Listening
  • HUM 1107 Religious Anthropology
  • MIS3102 Faith, Religion and Culture
  • PSY3123 The Psychology of the Family (UO)
  • SOC2104 Women, Men and Society (UO)
  • SOC2309 Canadian Society (UO)
  • THO3166 Moral Existence
  • THO3171 Introduction to Pastoral Practice I
  • THO4104 Sexual Ethics

Students must take at least 2 courses at the 3000 and 4000 levels for completing a minor.

Some courses have specific prerequisites.

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor.

ANI 2126 - Facilitation and Active Listening

Extensive study of the active listening model applied in facilitation and support groups. Listening skills for interpersonal and group situations: empathy, concurrency, paraphrasing, reflecting, feedback, questioning, process, etc.

HUM 1101 - Introduction to Sociology of Religion

Introduction to classical theories and current debates in the field of religion and modernity.

HUM 1107 - Religious Anthropology

Divergence and convergence of world religious systems; specific nature of the sacred. Analysis of the traditions of various peoples through their mode of religious expression. Analysis of the religious experiences that seem to be the source of these different systems of expression. Presentation of a typology of religions past and present on the basis of their different settings for religious experience.

HUM 2101 - Psychology of Spiritual Experience

Main currents in the psychology of spiritual experience, with a special focus on psychodynamic, humanist and existential theories. The relationships between spirituality and mental health. The links between spirituality and psycho-pathologies.

MIS 3102 - Faith, Religion, and Culture

The concepts of culture, religion, and faith: their interrelationship. Interaction of culture and religion, of religion and the Christian faith, of culture and the Christian faith. Anthropology and Theology.

PSY 3123 - The Psychology of the Family

Relationships, separation, divorce, remarriage and step-parenting. Childlessness, infertility, pregnancy. Caring. Poverty. Abuse of children, spouse or elders. Balancing work and family. Psychopathology and treatment.

Prerequisites: PSY1101, PSY1102

SOC 2104 - Women, Men and Society

Relations between the sexes and gender relations. Introduction to feminist theories about gender relations. Examination of the social construction of the gendered division of labour, especially since industrialization. Canadian and Quebec examples.

Prerequisite: 6 credits in SOC or 18 university credits.

SOC 2309 - Canadian Society

Sociological examination of certain economic, political, and cultural phenomena of Canadian society. The course will study several characteristics of Canadian society in comparative perspective.

Prerequisite: 6 credits in SOC or 18 university credits.

THO 3166 - Moral Existence

Introduction to the field of ethics within theology. Historical development of ethical approaches within theology. Constitutive elements of moral existence. Moral existence and Christian faith.

THO 3171 - Introduction to Pastoral Practice I

Learning and growth in pastoral ministry through critical reflection in small groups and integration of academic knowledge, personal experience and the practice of ministry.

Prerequisite: 9 cr. Theology.

THO 4104 - Sexual Ethics

Meaning of human sexuality. Sexuality understood in terms of personal growth. Discernment of moral values in sexual behaviour.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.

Courses offered by the University of Ottawa:

PSY 1101 - Introduction to Psychology: Foundations (UO)

Object and method of psychology. Heredity, environment, human development. Nervous system, consciousness. Sensory processes, perception, cognition, memory, language, and thought. Learning.

Previously: PSY1200. This course cannot be combined for credit with IPA1121.

PSY 1102 - Introduction to Psychology: Applications (UO)

Emotions, motivation. Personality. Mental health, abnormal behaviour and therapeutic approaches. Social psychology. Historical perspective.

Previously: PSY 1200. This course cannot be combined for credit with IPA1122.

PSY 3102 - Interpersonal Relationships (UO)

Verbal and non-verbal communication. Theory and research of interpersonal relationships. Intercultural communication. In-class laboratory exercises and preparation of individual projects.

Prerequisites: PSY1101, PSY1102