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Human Relations and Spirituality (Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization)

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  • Program requirements

Program description

Would you like to better understand the complexity of the human mind and spirit? Do you want to experience a life of high quality relationships with yourself, others, the world around you, the transcendent? Are you interested in psychological and spiritual development, social justice, and the meaning of life?

If so, Saint Paul University offers you an Honours Bachelors of Arts with Specialization in Human Relations and Spirituality (60 credits). Excellent preparation for graduate studiesin the School of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality!

The core courses in these programs are designed to develop:

  • greater effectiveness in interpersonal communication.
  • an understanding of psycho-spiritual development as well as  different cultural and spiritual traditions.
  • core clinical and relational skills to intervene with various individuals and groups.

The study of human relations involves two main disciplines: human sciences (particularly the study of human behaviour) and spirituality. Interpersonal relationships can be based on companionship, love, solidarity, professional affiliation or other kinds of social interaction. The program’s spirituality component examines our relationship with a supreme being as well as with each other.

Offered by the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Human Relations and Spirituality undergraduate program is the only one of its kind in Ontario. It investigates such topics as social justice, human development, acceptance of diversity, inclusiveness and humanism.

In addition to the foundational courses,* the program teaches students about the psychological, sociological, cultural, spiritual and religious aspects that influence both the individual and society.

A student enrolled in the Human Relations and Spirituality program (Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization) may add a complementary minor in Social Communication, Private and Public Ethics, Ethics (Theology), Philosophy or Philosophical Theology, according to the student’s particular interests and requirements.

*The foundational courses are a compulsory part of every bachelor’s degree program offered at Saint Paul University.

What you’ll learn

During your studies you will learn to describe and compare key concepts and theories in human sciences, and explain how spirituality can both help and hinder our growth as human beings. You will also discover the different cultural and spiritual traditions and intervention models used in the field of the helping relationship and related fields, such as group intervention and leadership. You will learn how to analyze issues critically and objectively, and to describe and explain the main qualitative and quantitative methodologies used in the field.

Why choose Saint Paul University?

  • For its small class sizes and close student-teacher ratio
  • For its safe, secure and friendly campus with personalized services
  • For its bilingual setting in the heart of the national capital
  • For its diverse student population and international vision
  • For its solid reputation, experience, history and Catholic tradition

Potential Opportunities

Our undergraduate program prepares students for jobs in community and humanitarian organizations, schools, church settings, in the area of human resources, and other related fields.

Honours Bachelors of Arts with Specialization allows you to pursue graduate studies in areas such as counselling, psychotherapy, social work, and human resources development.

Career opportunities

  • Aid worker
  • Community worker
  • Emergency response officer
  • Employment counsellor
  • Employment equity policy consultant
  • Facilitator
  • Human rights officer
  • Immigration advisor
  • Lobbyist
  • Outreach worker
  • Probation and parole officer
  • Social policy analyst
  • Street outreach worker
  • Trainer for ecclesial communities and organizations

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