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Ethics (Theology)

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  • Program requirements

A complementary minor is taken in addition to a student’s main program. There is no direct admission in a complementary program; the choice is made after admission and registration in a bachelor program.

Compulsory courses (12 credits)

  • PHI2154 Moral Philosophy
  • THO2189 Introduction to Theology
  • THO2315 Ethics and the Human Person
  • THO3166 Moral Existence

Optional Courses (18 credits)

3 credits from:

  • THO1306 Exploring the Sacred
  • THO1307 Understanding the Bible

15 credits from:

  • THO2147 Selected Topics in Ethics I
  • THO2316 Religion, Culture, and Diversity
  • THO2317 Religious Imagination and History
  • THO3168 Christian Spirituality
  • THO3176 Theology of Marriage
  • THO3308 Patristic Moral Tradition
  • THO3309 Contemporary Moral Issues in Eastern Theology
  • THO3313 Selected Topics in the Moral Tradition of the Christian East II
  • THO3314 Selected Topics in Moral Theology from Eastern and Western Perspectives
  • THO3324 Introduction to Eastern Christian Ethics
  • THO4104 Sexual Ethics
  • THO4105 Social and Political Ethics
  • THO4106 Bioethics
  • THO4107 Humanity: Creature and Creator
  • THO4108 Grace and Christian Existence
  • THO4109 Sin and the Question of Evil
  • THO4124 Feminist Ethics
  • THO4127 Economics and Ethics
  • or other courses approved by the Faculty of Theology.

Some courses have specific prerequisites.

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor. 

PHI 2154 - Moral Philosophy

Survey of the major ethical systems in the Western world. Relationship between philosophical and religious thinking in ethical matters. Fundamental questions facing contemporary moral consciousness.

PHI 2154 and PHI 2174 are mutually exclusive. PHI 2154 was previously under course code PHI 3183.

THO 2147 - Selected Topics in Ethics I

Study of a particular area of ethics.

THO 2189 - Introduction to Theology

An introduction to basic questions and fields of inquiry in Christian theology.

THO 2315 - Ethics and the Human Person

What is ethics? Introduction to the key ethical ideas that shape our lives. Ethical riches of the Christian tradition to understand ourselves and our responsibilities to other persons.

THO 2316 - Religion, Culture and Diversity

Exploring the challenges of religious, cultural, and gender diversity. Canadian context and globalization. Feminist approaches, social justice, liberation, religions and cultures.

THO 2317 - Religious Imagination and History

An introduction to the history of Christianity through an exploration of its religious imagination. The use of biblical narratives, liturgy, symbolism, and visual expressions throughout the different periods.

THO 3166 - Moral Existence

Introduction to the field of ethics within theology. Historical development of ethical approaches within theology. Constitutive elements of moral existence. Moral existence and Christian faith.

THO 3168 - Christian Spirituality

Nature of Christian spirituality, its definition and its foundations. Major periods and movements of Christian spirituality. Importance of spirituality for theological reflection.

THO 3176 - Theology of Marriage

The human reality of marriage. Christian understanding of marriage. The sacramental dimension. Some major pastoral and juridical aspects.

THO 3308 - Patristic Moral Tradition

A survey of moral thought from the patristic corpus and especially the Greek Fathers in the areas of both personal and social morality.

THO 3309 - Contemporary Moral Issues in Eastern Theology

A survey of moral thought in modern Eastern Christian authors and ecclesiastical pronouncements in the areas of both personal and social morality, with special attention to emerging thought in the areas of bioethics, sexual ethics, and a response to social, political, and technological changes in the world today.

THO 3313 - Selected Topics in the Moral Tradition of the Christian East II

Study of a particular area of the moral tradition of the Christian east.

THO 3314 - Selected Topics in Moral Theology from Eastern and Western Perspectives

Study of the interaction of the theological traditions of East and West, both today and throughout history, with emphasis on a particular theme or set of questions in Christian ethics.

THO 3324 - Introduction to Eastern Christian Ethics

An overview of the distinctive sources, history, spirit and methods of Eastern Christian ethics, past and present.

THO 4104 - Sexual Ethics

Meaning of human sexuality. Sexuality understood in terms of personal growth. Discernment of moral values in sexual behaviour.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.

THO 4105 - Social and Political Ethics

Human being as personal and social being. Respect for human rights. Freedom in the socio-political context. Society as the milieu of personal growth.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.

THO 4106 - Bioethics

Respect for human life. Right to physical integrity. Genetics. Abortion. Euthanasia.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.

THO 4107 - Humanity: Creature and Creator

Christian anthropology. Responsibility and freedom of the human person as co-creator. Relationship between creation and redemption. Creation and a scientific world view. Ecology and theology.

Prerequisite: THO 3162.

THO 4108 - Grace and Christian Existence

Divine grace and human freedom. Historical development of the theology of grace. Christian existence as faith, hope, and love. God’s presence in the world and in the human person. Contemporary challenges.

Prerequisite: THO 3162.

THO 4109 - Sin and the Question of Evil

Understanding the meaning of sin: personal, social, and original. Conversion, finitude, culpability. The anthropological and Christian significance of suffering, death, and evil.

Prerequisite: THO 3162.

THO 4124 - Feminist Ethics

An introduction to ethics from feminist perspectives. Historical background to feminist approaches to ethics; introduction to feminist analysis; approaches within feminist ethics; Christianity and feminist ethics; Christian praxis as foundational to ethics; the social, cultural, and political dimensions of ethics; specific issues arising in contemporary discussions.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.

THO 4127 - Economics and Ethics

Destination of goods. Welfare and the promotion of the individual. Types of alienated and alienating economies. Proposal for a humanistic economy.

Prerequisite: THO 3166.