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Conflict Studies

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  • Program requirements

Saint Paul University offers an MA in Conflict Studies, which is conferred jointly by the senates of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa. The focus of the program is on the ethnic and religious identity distinctions that characterize many deep-rooted conflicts. The program explores the meaning of and generates processes for reconciliation, healing, and structural change. It combines a social science orientation common to Conflict Studies programs with a philosophical, ethical and theological orientation. The field of specialization is ethnic and religious dimensions of conflict in Canada.

Program Objectives

  1. Analysis: to explore the connections between conflict, violence, social justice, conflict resolution and peacebuilding in human communities;
  2. Training: to develop the attitudes, knowledge, research and skills necessary to analyze ethnic and religious conflicts so as to cultivate peace;
  3. Outcomes: to produce graduates who are competent : to analyze ethnic and religious conflicts in a multidisciplinary perspective and to devise and evaluate appropriate conflict resolution strategies.

Two levels of learning are distinguished: 

  • Foundational Level: this level entails intensive study of major themes in Conflict Studies. Graduate training is initiated in research skills and methodologies in preparation for the research project.
  • Advanced Level: this level of study concentrates on the development of specific dimensions of Conflict Studies. Research seminars meet to define the problem, purpose, scope and methodology of the master’s research project.