Recent Issues

Vol 43 No 3 /2012


Gloria L. Schaab

Grace: The Strange Attractor in an Evolving Cosmos

Joshua Lunde-Whitler

Teaching “The Simple Truth of the Narration”:Augustine’s Blueprint for a Christian Way of Life

Jean-Jacques Lavoie

Aux origines de l’interdit des mariages mixtes:Quelques réflexions exégétiques et historiques à partir de Proverbes 2,16-22

Amy Pauley

The Significance of Satire and Humour in Lonergan’s Ethical Framework  

Martha Elias Downey

A Perspective on Narrative Theology: Its Purpose, Particularity, and Centrality

Richard Shields

Biblical-ethical reflections on “Respecting Difference: A Resource for Catholic Schools in the Province of Ontario Regarding the Establishment and Running of Activities or Organizations Promoting Equity and Respect for All Students

Pierre Auffret—Michel Menu

Essai sur la structure littéraire et la facture poétique de L’hymne VI de Syméon le Nouveau Théologien

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