1. To promote, within a context of academic freedom and interdisciplinary exchange, a climate enhancing university activity which takes seriously contemporary developments in the sciences and other fields of knowledge.

  2. To foster, in the light of faith and with full respect for each person, the integral development of members of the university community.

  3. To assure the human and material resources necessary for a vigorous academic environment.

  4. To generate the means necessary for the communication and exchange of knowledge and the results of scholarly research.

  5. To establish and maintain relationships with appropriate ecclesial and social bodies.

  6. To be a meeting place between the Church and the various contemporary cultures, religions and specialized fields of knowledge.

  7. To assert and protect through appropriate means the bilingual character of the University.

  8. To encourage critical awareness of present ethical concerns.

  9. To create a greater sensitivity to current social justice issues.

  10. To be attentive to the educational needs of the individuals and groups it is called upon to serve, and to answer these needs as adequately as possible.

  11. To develop relevant teaching and research programs.