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1- The application
2- The letters of appraisal
3- The departmental appraisal
4- Program of work
5- Deadlines


1- The application

A good application is one that demonstrates to the selection committee that the applicant is worthy of a prestigious award.

A good application:

2- The letters of appraisal  

i) Selection of referee:

Tip: An applicant may be well advised to make an appointment with each referee to “coach” the referee. Remind the referee of your achievements and good grades, and inform him or her of your qualities, educational and work experiences, and skills of which he or she may not be aware. This will assist the referee to do an informed appraisal. (If you cannot meet with a referee, convey this information in writing.)

ii) A letter of appraisal should:

3-The departmental appraisal:

4- Program of work

The description of the program of work should:

5- Deadlines

Respecting the deadline is crucial. An application received late shall be automatically rejected.


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