Programs of Formation

There are many times in life when a person can be searching for direction, for their call or vocation. Often young adults are trying to find their path; sometimes older adults are changing careers, retiring, or beginning a new phase in life, and want to engage in reflection and discernment. In addition to the formation offered to students preparing for a particular pastoral leadership role, the centre offers a variety of services to help persons discern their path or who seek support in the ministry. Individual programs may be developed according to need. 

1. Full Program/Six-Year Profile

2. Internship

Students who have completed the first cycle of formation enter into a year of supervised pastoral service in their diocese or supporting community. This is organized by the Centre in cooperation with the formation leaders of the specific area of service. Various activities during the year connect those in internship with each other and the formation community. 

 3. Personalized Programs Profiles

Students who wish to acquire a shorter formation may avail themselves of different profiles of studies according to readiness, time and resources, and their assessed needs, combined with a personalized plan for human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral development.

4. Part-time and Distance Education 

Part-time students may participate in a program of formation tailored to their specific needs and availability. Formation is also available for those living at a distance from the University campus.

5. Project of  Intercultural Formation

For persons recently arrived in Canada and who wish to minister in the Church, a specific profile of formation oriented on understanding the cultural environment is available.

6. Sabbatical Profile

Adjusted profiles of formation are available for pastoral persons seeking to renew or deepen their lived experience of ministry.

7. Intergral Formation

The Centre provides all of its services within the context of the formation community, which seeks to develop the skills and attitudes for collaborative ministry. The community experience is oriented towards building relations of mutuality and co-responsibility.

7.1 Assessment Services

Assessment of readiness for pastoral formation; evaluation for pastoral practice.

7.2 Human Development

7.3 Faith and Spiritual Formation for anyone intrested

 7.4 Pastoral Formation