Administrative Staff

Officers of the Faculty


Yvan Mathieu

Christian Dionne

Gregory Bloomquist

Administrative Personnel

Louise Kitts

Assistant to the Dean

Louise Kitts

Programs Administrator

Ana Claudia Primo

Academic Assistant  

Francine Quesnel

Program Directors

Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn

B.Th. and Certificates
Kevin Flynn

Graduate Studies
Catherine Clifford
Anglican Studies

Kevin Flynn


Myrtle Power

Eastern Christian Studies


Peter Galadza

Summer Institute in Pastoral Liturgy / Summer Institute in Religious Education

Myrtle Power

Editor-in-Chief of Theoforum

Catherine Clifford


Martin Miriam

Religious Education (Director of  Practical Theology Programs/Institute of Leadership in Catholic Education)

Miriam Martin

Director of D.Min Program (Doctor of Ministry) and M.P.Th. Program (Master in
Pastoral Theology)

Lorraine Ste-Marie

Faculty of Theology
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