Post-Disaster Reconstruction and the Risks of Corruption

Post-Disaster Reconstruction and the Risks of Corruption

Mr. Peter Dent, CA, CA-IFA, CPA-CFF, CFE

Partner and National Leader, Deloitte Forensic

Thursday, February 14, 2013

09:00 – 11:30

Saint Paul University, 223 Main St., Ottawa - Guigues Hall, Room 1124

 Natural and man-made disasters seem to be appearing on a scale and frequency not previously seen during our lifetime. The vast sums of money involved in the rebuilding and recovery phases of post-disaster create an unprecedented opportunity for fraud and corruption, and we are now seeing large scale frauds being uncovered. International experience shows that, regardless of the country in which it occurs, fraud and corruption activity increase significantly following natural disasters. While cultural norms and statutory frameworks have an impact on the scale of financial crime, experience shows that early and effective incorporation of fraud prevention and detection measures, as part of the recovery process, are also critical to minimizing losses from financial crime.

Peter Dent specializes in working with international organizations in post disaster environments, having worked in over 30 countries. He will provide us with insight around what may be on the horizon and will cover the preventive and detection measures that have worked well elsewhere. Paid parking is available.