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  Sweet, William

Program: MA in Public Ethics
Office : off premises
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Late 19th and early 20th century Anglo-American philosophy (particularly, the origins of analytic philosophy and British idealism); ethical theories and applied ethics (especially, cross-cultural ethics); political philosophy, The philosophy of Jacques Maritain


Ph.D., St-Paul University, Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Ottawa, Philosophy
D.É.A., Université de Paris 1 – Sorbonne, France, Science politique, 1987


Responses to the Enlightenment: An Exchange on Foundations, Faith, and Community, (with Hendrik Hart) (Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, to be published in 2011).

Migrating Texts and Traditions, (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, to be published in 2011)

Biographical Encyclopedia of British Idealism, (London: Continuum Press, 2010)

Freedom of Religion, (Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2010).

The Moral, Social and Political Philosophy of the British Idealists, (Exeter, UK: Imprint Academic, 2009)

Rethinking the Role of Philosophy in the Global Age, ed. by William Sweet [and Pham Van Duc] (Washington, DC: CRVP Press, 2009).

The Dialogue of Cultural Traditions: A Global Perspective, ed. with Tomonobu Imamichi, George F. McLean, et alii] (Washington, DC: CRVP Press, 2008).

Religion and the Challenges of Science (ed., with Richard Feist) (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishers, 2007)

Bernard Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism (University of Toronto Press, 2007)

Edition of Works of Arthur Ritchie Lord (with Errol E. Harris), 3 vols. (with introductions and critical biographies) (Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, 2006)

Philosophy of Religion [Vol. 8, Proceedings of the XXI World Congress of Philosophy, 2003] (Ankara: Philosophical Society of Turkey, 2006)

Politics, Ethics, and the Challenges to Democracy in 'New Independent States' (ed., with D. Ahern and Tinatin Bochorishvili) (Washington, DC: CRVP Press, 2005)