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Teaching Personnel

Redekop, Vern Neufeld   Redekop, Vern Neufeld
Full Professor
Program: Conflict Studies
Office : GIG 333
Phone: 613-236-1393, ext.: 2369

Research Activities:

Hermeneutical framework for understanding deep-rooted conflict between identity groups; religious based conflict, protesting crowds and police; and the role of identity-based conflict in economic life, methodology of community-based conflict resolution


Ph.D.Theology, Saint Paul University and University of Ottawa, 1998
Dissertation: A Hermeneutic of Deep-Rooted Conflict: An Exploration of René Girard’s Theory of Mimetic Desire and Scapegoating and Its Applicability to the Oka/Kanehsatàke Crisis of 1990
Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Courses taught:

ECS 2191 Introduction to Conflict Studies
ECS 5101 Identity-Based Conflict
ECS 5116 Political Economy and Conflict
ECS5120B Social Reconciliation and Economic Development



Rioux, J-F. and Redekop, V. (2013) Introduction to Conflict Studies (470 pages) Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Redekop, V. and Paré, Shirley. (2010) Beyond Control: A Mutual Respect Approach to Protest Crowd – Police Relations. (270 pages) London: Bloomsbury Academic (contributed framework, academic research, 90% of book).

Redekop, V. (2002) From Violence to Blessing: How an Understanding of Deep-Rooted Conflict Opens Paths to Reconciliation. (408 pages) Ottawa: Novalis.

Redekop, V. (1990) A Life for a Life? The Death Penalty on Trial, Scottdale: Herald Press, 104 pages.

Forthcoming Book

Redekop, V. and Ryba, T. eds. Creative Mimesis and Reconciliation (2 volumes) (Rowman and Littlefield, 2012).

Articles in Refereed Journals

Redekop, V. (2010) “A Hermeneutics of Blessing as a Meta-Requisite for Reconciliation: John E. Toews’ Romans Paradigm as a Case Study” in the Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Redekop, V. and Gasana, O. (2007) “Implication of Religious Leaders in Mimetic Structures of Violence: The Case of Rwanda” (pp. 117-37) in The Contexts of Religion and Violence. Journal of Religion & Society Supplement Series 2. Edited by Ronald A. Simkins. The Kripke Center;

Redekop, V. (2007) “Reconciling Nuers with Dinkas: A Girardian approach to conflict resolution,” Religion—An International Journal. 37, 64-84.

Redekop, V. (2002) “Mimetic Structures of Violence and of Blessing: Creating a Discursive Framework for Reconciliation,” Theoforum, Vol. 33(3), 311-335.

Redekop, V. (2001) “Deep-Rooted Conflict Theory and Pastoral Counselling: Dealing with What One Sees,” Pastoral Studies, Volume 20(1), 9-24.

Redekop, V. (1995) “The Centrality to the Exodus of Torah as Ethical Projection,” Contagion-Journal of Violence, Mimesis and Culture, Volume 2, 119-144.

Peer-Reviewed Encyclopedia Entries

Redekop, V. (2010) “Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation,” Encyclopedia of Peace, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Redekop, V. (2010) “Reconciliation,” Encyclopedia of Peace, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Articles in Other Journals

Redekop, V. (2005) “Darfur Needs a Communal Approach,” Diplomat, January-February.

Redekop, V. (2000) “Violence Renounced, Peace Announced,” review of Willard Swartley (editor), Violence Renounced, Bulletin of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, No. 19:13-14.

Redekop, V. (1999) “Deep-Rooted Conflict and a Culture of Peace,” Canadian Human Rights Foundation Newsletter, Volume 14(3):1,5.

Redekop, V. (1988) “Child Sexual Abuse: Alternatives to the Criminal Justice System,” Perception – Canada’s Social Development Magazine, Volume 12(4): 36.

Chapters in Books

Redekop, V. (2013) “Mutual Respect, Complexity and Community Dialogue:
Charting a New Path.” In P.A.J. Waddington (ed.) Professional Policing Practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Redekop, V. (2011) “Spirituality, Emergent Creativity, Reconciliation and Peacemaking,” Peacemaking: A Comprehensive Theory and Practice Reference, edited by Andrea Bartoli and Susan Allen Nan, Santa Barbara ABC-CLIO.

Redekop, V. (2008) “A Post-Genocidal Justice of Blessing as an Alternative to a Justice of Violence: The Case of Rwanda,” Peacebuilding in Traumatized Societies, edited by Barry Hart. University Press of America, 205-238.

Redekop, V. (2007) “Teachings of Blessing as Elements of Reconciliation: Intra- and Inter-Religious Hermeneutical Challenges and Opportunities in the Face of Violent Deep-Rooted Conflict,” The Next Step in Studying Religion: A Graduate’s Guide, edited by Mathieu E. Courville. London: Continuum, 129-146.

Forthcoming Chapters in Books

Redekop, V. (2012/13) “Blessing-Based Love (agapē) as a Heuristic Key
to Understanding Effective Reconciliation Practices: A Reading of I Corinthians 13 in a Peacebuilding Context.” In Tom Matyok (ed.) Peace on Earth: The Role of Religion in Peace and Conflict Studies. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield.

Redekop, V. (2013) “Blessing-Based Reconciliation in the Face of Violence.” In Redekop, V. and Ryba, T. eds. René Girard and Reconciliation. Lanham: Lexington.

Papers in Proceedings

Redekop, V. (2008) “Reconciliation through Economic Development: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations,” Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation, Religious Tolerance and Human Security in the Balkans: Proceedings of the Second ECPD International Conference edited by Takehiro Togo, Jeffrey Levett, NegoslavP. Ostrjic. Belgrade: European Center for Peace and Development.

Redekop, V. (2007) “The Relevance of Teachings of Blessing and Justice of Blessing for Reconciliation in Bosnia I Herzegovina,” Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation, Religious Tolerance and Human Security in the Balkans: Proceedings of the Second ECPD International Conference edited by Takehiro Togo, Jeffrey Levett, NegoslavP. Ostrjic. Belgrade: European Center for Peace and Development, 287-309.

Redekop, V. (2006) “Religious and Cultural Buildings and Monuments: The Loci of Violence and Blessing,” Proceedings of The First Regional Conference on Integrative Protection, “Cultural Landscape – A Modern Approach to the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage in the Balkans” in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Redekop, V. (1995) “Ethical Questions Raised by the Arming of Iraq: An Analysis of Occidental Press Coverage,” Proceedings of the Conflict Resolution Symposia: 1992-94, 1-43. Ottawa: Mediation Center of Carleton University.

Redekop, V. (1995) “Gender-Based Conflict as Ontological Rift,” Proceedings of the Conflict Resolution Symposia: 1992-94, 146-157, Ottawa: Mediation Center of Carleton University.

Proceedings Authored

Celebrating our Mission: Restorative Justice, Proceedings - National Chaplains’ Conference, August 26-30, Ottawa: Chaplaincy Division, Correctional Service Canada, 93 pages, 1991.

Technical Reports

Redekop, V. & Achor, G. (2003) Peace among Peoples: Exploring the Potential of Community-Based Conflict Resolution for Sudan. Report of the Mission to Sudan of Vern Neufeld Redekop and George Justin B. Achor.

Redekop, V. (1993) Taking Action to Re-Develop Indigenous Economies. A framework for economic development for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), 25 pages. Based on a review of all past AFN economic development resolutions, studies and position papers, this document was circulated within the National Chief’s Ad Hoc Working Group on Economic Development.

Redekop, V. and Schmolka, V. An Inventory of Federal Crime Prevention Activities (1993) Prepared for the National Symposium on Community Safety and Crime Prevention by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Crime Prevention, Government of Canada, Ottawa: Department of Justice, 90 pages.

Other Publications

Redekop, V. (1993) Scapegoats, the Bible and Criminal Justice: Interacting with René Girard, Akron: Mennonite Central Committee, 50 pages.

Contributed regular columns (Capital Commentary and Crime Creation, a satirical column under the pseudonym Yves L. Serpent), articles and interviews for Accord, a publication focused on criminal justice issues, 1985-91.

Created and edited Strategies, newsletter of the Crime Prevention Council of Ottawa, 1990.

Created and wrote Justice?, an analytical publication for church leaders on criminal justice issues, 1985-90.

Edited Update/A jour, newsletter of the Church Council on Justice and Corrections.

Contributed to the development of various educational resources, including Family Violence in a Patriarchal Culture - A Challenge to our Way of Living, Dialogue on Crime and Punishment, Watching Youth in Court, and Dialogue on Crime Prevention - Focus on Youth.

Book in Progress

Redekop, V. Homo Economicus: Living with Violence, Longing for Blessing. Initial research funding, Saint Paul University. Presented research findings at the World Bank and a number of universities in 2005.

Journal Articles in Progress

“Justice of Blessing: An Integral Approach.” To be written in collaboration with Richard McGuigan.

Book Chapters in Progress

“Power, Identity and Mimetic Structures of Violence: Implications for International Mediation,” in Neil Sargent (Ed.), Mediating Identity Conflict (London: Routledge)

I have been approached by Jay Rothman to contribute a chapter in a book on Identity-Based Conflict.

I have been approached by P.A.J. Waddingham to contribute a chapter in a book on ethics of public order policing with Oxford University Press.

Journals Requesting Articles

Canadian Theological Journal, University of Toronto. Political Theology.