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Teaching Personnel

Kowal, Wojciech   Kowal, Wojciech
Associate Professor
Program: Canon Law
Office : GIG 358
Phone: 613-236-1393, ext.: 4023

Research Activities:

Interpretation of Ecclesiastical Laws; Philosophical Foundations of Legal Systems; Special Marriage Cases and Procedures; Administrative Recourse; Methodology of Canon Law


M.Th. (Poznań),
M.Ph. (Lublin),
J.C.D. (Saint Paul),
Ph.D. (canon law) (Ottawa)
Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Courses taught:

Theology of canon law
Philosophy of law
Special Marriage Cases and Procedures: separation, convalidation, etc.
Internal Ordering of Particular Churches: Administrative issues – Parishes
Introduction to Canon Law and Sacramental Law
Seminar on Chancery Practice
Ecclesiastical Administration I: Recourse, etc.
Penance, Orders, Other Acts of Worship
The Canonical Legacy of John Paul II
Christ’s Faithful
Public Ecclesiastical Law
Administrative Recourse
Foundations of Canon Law: canonical methodology, history of canonical sources and institutions
Particular Churches and Bishops



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