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Vatican II For the Next Generation, Sept 27-29th, 2012

On Sept 27th-29th, 2012, the Vatican II and 21st Century Catholicism Research Centre hosted an international conference in Ottawa, Ontario celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Reflecting on the importance of the Council’s teaching for the Church of the 21st century, the bilingual conference was organized with pastoral renewal, faith formation and professional development in mind. 

 Note: All conference papers are forthcoming in a 2012 edition of Theoforum.

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19 h / 7 p.m. Conférence Henry Herbert Glasmacher / Henry Herbert Glasmacher Lecture

Vatican II : une vision d’avenir, une pédagogie de la foi,une manière de résoudre des questions particulières Vatican II

 A Vision for the Future, a Pedagogy of Faith, a Way to Resolve Particular Questions,

(Christoph Theobald, SJ)


9 h / 9 a.m.  Plenary Session / Séance plénière

Learning from the Council: A Church in Dialogue

Les apprentissages du Concile : Une Église en dialogue,

(Catherine E. Clifford)


11 h / 11 a.m. Ateliers / Workshops

Joan Cronin, GSIC – Memory and Reform: Vatican II 50 Years Later – Religious Education/Catechetics after the Council

Richard R. Gaillardetz – Vatican II and the Vocation of the Laity

Myroslaw Tataryn – Eastern Catholic Churches and the Paradox of Vatican II

Christian Dionne, OMI – Ignorer l’Écriture, c’est ignorer le Christ !

Normand Provencher, OMI – L’ecclésiologie de Vatican II : renouveau et impactsthe Next Generation


13 h 45 / 1:45 p.m. Ateliers / Workshops

Yvonne Tregonning – Vatican II et l’enseignement religieux en Ontario

Bernadette Gasslein – Baptism: Key to Full, Conscious, Active Participation in the Liturgy

Julien Hammond – I’m Dating a Muslim! Interfaith Relations in Real Time

Margaret Lavin – The ‘Signs of the Times’ for a Global Church

Maxime Allard, OP – Témoigner aujourd’hui


15 h / 3 p.m. Séance plénière / Plenary Session

Vatican II comme fondement d’un projet de nouvelle évangélisation

Vatican II as the Basis for the New Evangelization,

(Gilles Routhier)


19 h 30 / 7:30 p.m. Keynote Address - Convocation / Conférence d’honneur - Collation des grades

Vatican II: A Council of Justice and Peace

Vatican II : Concile de Justice et de Paix,

(Cardinal Peter Turkson)


Samedi / Saturday 29

9 h / 9 a.m. Séance plénière bilingue / Bilingual Panel

Témoins du concile

Witnesses to the Council,

Gregory Baum, Bishop Remi De Roo, Bishop Gérard J. Deschamps, SMM, Léo Laberge, OMI, et autres /


11 h / 11 a.m. Ateliers / Workshops

Bishop Donald Bolen – Catholic Ecumenical Principles and the Local Church

Kelly Connors, PM – The Renewal of Religious Life: Historical Perspectives and Current Challenges

Michael Attridge – Word of God, Source of Life: Remembering Dei Verbum

Mgr Noël Simard – Vatican II et les défis éthiques d’aujourd’hui

Marie-Thérèse Nadeau, CND – La contribution de Vatican II sur les laïcs


13 h 45 / 1:45 p.m. Ateliers / Workshops

Mgr Claude Champagne – Une Église diocésaine : cinquante ans après Vatican II

Chad Glendinning – Diocesan and Parish Pastoral Councils: Active Participation of the Faithful in the Life and Mission of the Church

Bernadette Gasslein – Baptism: Key to Full, Conscious, Active Participation in the Liturgy

Christian Dionne, OMI – Ignorer l’Écriture, c’est ignorer le Christ !

Leah Perrault – Body, Soul and Sex: Living Sexuality in 21st Century Catholicism


15 h 30 / 3:30 p.m. Keynote Address: / Conférence d’honneur

Building on Vatican II: Setting the Agenda for the Church of the Twenty-first Century

Conférence d’honneur : Bâtir sur le Concile Vatican II : Établir l’agenda pour l’Église du 21e siècle,

(Richard R. Gaillardetz)