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50th Congress of the Canadian Theological Society - The Spirit: Historical and Contextual Research on the Great Divine Breath

50th Congress of the Canadian Theological Society

November 7-9, 2013

Saint Paul University (Main Pavilion, Amphitheatre, G1124), Ottawa

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 This year, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Canadian Theological Society
will open its annual conference to everyone.

 For more information: http://www.theocan.org

In 1946, Nicolas Berdiaev, who wanted to promote a “Spiritual Christianity” beyond the doctrinal definitions of bourgeois morality and codified liturgy, saw pneumatology, the discourse on the Holy Spirit, as the last non-explored frontier of theology. Today, this border is largely explored, and has even been crossed.

Is there still something “new” to say about the Great Divine Breath? It is the “anonymous” side of God. Indeed, within the immanent Trinity, it has no proper name. It is simply the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son – their personified “hyphen”. We talk a lot of the Spirit today, but we do not know where to find it: in the Church, no doubt, but at its very top only, or also among its members? Can it be elsewhere, in other Christian churches, or even in other religions, and why not everywhere in the world? Widely disseminated, the Spirit is nowhere to be found. As soon as we locate and enclose the Spirit, it already looks like it is to be found elsewhere. “To name” the Great Divine Breath remains a huge challenge for contemporary theology. This conference of the Canadian Theological Society will help rise to this challenge from a diversity of perspectives.

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