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Saint Paul University students welcome U-PASS


Saint Paul University students have voted to join the Universal Transit Pass Agreement (U-Pass). The adoption of the U-Pass program was determined through a referendum which resulted in an 86 per cent level of support from full-time students. The agreement between the City of Ottawa and Saint Paul University, which affects 400 full-time students, will take effect January 1, 2013 and end July 30, 2015.

"This step forward ensures that all students at Saint Paul University have access to affordable public transit," said Mayor Jim Watson. "Saint Paul University is the third post-secondary institution in Ottawa to adopt the U-Pass and we encourage other educational institutions to join the program as it has clear benefits for our city and our students."

With the endorsement to join the U-Pass program, Saint Paul students will now have access to the benefits enjoyed by more than 50,000 Carleton University and University of Ottawa students who receive a full-fare transit pass for $180 per school term.

"This agreement is a great success for OC Transpo and the Transit Commission," said Commission Chair Diane Deans. "It shows we are committed to working with local colleges, universities and other educational institutions to provide accessible and sustainable transit services for students throughout the City of Ottawa.”

“The overwhelming success we had in obtaining the U-Pass was due to the unyielding dedication and commitment of our administrators, OC Transpo, the Transit Commission and the City of Ottawa,” said Jacob Getachew, President of the Student Association of Saint Paul University. “It is a massive win-win-win-win situation for all parties.”

The U-Pass has no age restriction and is valid on Para Transpo. It is also valid on STO with a top-up on their express and interzone routes. Students who live outside OC Transpo’s service area while attending school may choose to opt-out of the U-Pass program. The administration of the U-Pass program will be done under the auspices of Saint Paul University administrative staff.

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President, Student Association of Saint Paul University                       
Jacob Getachew                                                                                                      

OC Transpo, Media                       

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