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General guidelines for Grantholders 


Please note that :

  •   Refunds may require up to five working days.
  •   Original receipts are required. In the event that an original is lost, an affidavit will be accepted.
  •   Up to 10% of a grant may be transferred to a different budget line. Regulations, such as travel costs, still apply.
  •   University policies for travel, rates, use of a personal car, banquets and alcohol are in effect.
  •   At the end of a grant, the balance returns to the University.



  •   Faculty

Full-time professors with tenure or in a tenure-track position.


  •   Assistants

- Graduate students are eligible.  

- A researcher can end a contract at any time without warning or compensation.


Eligible costs are, among other:  

  • Personnel

Research Assistants: graduate students.

  • Travel

- For research purposes within the framework of a project.

- For the dissemination of research findings in academic venues: faculty and graduate students.

- Travel related to interuniversity agreements.

- Travel costs of invited speakers.

Please note that:  

- Air tickets should be for the lowest fare available and not exceed the cost in economy.

- For travel within 250 km of Ottawa, only car, train and bus tickets are eligible.

  •   Les frais de traduction dans le cadre des programmes d’appui à l’édition.


Ineligible costs are, among others:

  •  Costs incurred before the grant is awarded;
  •  Expenses exceeding the authorized budget line or the amount of the grant;  
  •  Activities and dissemination for the general public;
  •  Hiring parents;
  •  Professional honoraria;
  •  Travel cancellation insurance;
  •  Travel health insurance fees;
  •  Costs related to passport renewal;
  •  Costs related to cell and or smart phones;
  •  The preparation and defence of a thesis;
  •  Alcohol;
  •  Tips;
  •  Participation at a conference other than the one approved by the Research Committee.