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Sometimes it is not possible for students to pay their tuition fees; combining work with study may not be enough to pay all education-related costs. Beyond our diverse activities with the Office of Research and Ethics, we always strive to find scholarships offered by organizations external to Saint Paul University. Scholarships vary widely with flexible admission criteria.

The bursaries Deadline Amount For who
Canadian Youth Environmental Leadership Scholarship 2017-01-18 $5,000 3rd-4th year B.A. ; M.A. ; PhD
Chaney Ensign Bursary Fund 2017-01-20 N/A B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Scholarships for Graduate Study in London, England 2017-01-23 £5,500 M.A.; PhD
Mensa Canada Scholarship Program 2017-01-31 $1,000-3,000 full-time B.A; M.A.; PhD
Concours d'essais Jean-Robert-Gauthier 2017-01-31 $500-2,000 B.A.
Grants for Canadian Women graduate Students 2017-01-31 $7,500 M.A.; PhD (women)
3M National Student Fellowship 2017-01-31 N/A B.A.
Canadian Soroptimist Grants for Women 2017-01-31 $7,500 M.A.; PhD (women)
Canadian Northern Studies Trust Scholarship 2017-01-31 $10,000 PhD
Dr. Jim McDonald Scholarship for Northern Research 2017-01-31 $5,000 M.A.; PhD
Arctic Co-operatives Award 2017-01-31 $2,500 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Mayor Andrée P. Boucher Memorial Scholarship 2017-01-31 $4,500 B.A ; M.A. ; PhD (women)
Autism Scholars Awards 2017-18 2017-01-31 $18,000-20,000 M.A.; PhD
CPAC-TDIMM Scholarship 2017 2017-01-31 $3,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
McEuen Scholarship (study in Scotland) 2017-01-31 variable (full tuition; residence fees; book allowance) B.A.
4th SeniorsZen Scholarship Award 2017 2017-01-31 $500 full-time B.A.; M.A.; PhD
St. Gallen Essay Competition 2017-02-01 CHF20,000 (approx. $27,000) M.A.; PhD
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 2017 2017-02-01 $28,000 B.A.
Post-Secondary Education Scholarship 2017-02-01 $1,000-30,000 certificate; B.A.; M.A. (Indigenous)
Petro-Canada Award for Indigenous Students 2017-02-01 N/A high school (Indigenous)
Kin Canada Bursary 2017-02-01 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
ENS International Selection Scholarships 2017-02-01 €1,000 M.A.; PhD
Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarship 2017-02-01 $8,500-10,500 M.A.; PhD
Fellowship for Doctoral Students of African Descent 2017-02-01 $25,000 PhD (theology, divinity)
Fellowships for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students 2017-02-01 $25,000 PhD (theology, divinity)
2017 CHFT Diversity Scholarship 2017-02-08 $5,000 B.A.
2017 ACB Scholarship 2017-02-15 US$1,000-4,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD (legally blind)
Explore Bursary 2017 2017-02-15 $2,200 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Christian Leadership Forum- Doctoral Cohort 2017-02-15 - 1st and 2nd year doctoral students (PhD; ThD)
Desjardins Scholarship Program 2017-02-20 $1,500-10,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Commonwealth Scholarship Plan - India 2017-02-20 N/A B.A.; M.A.; PhD
PottyHQ Scholarship 2017 2017-02-25 $1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
CBC Literary Prizes 2017-02-28 $1,000-6,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship 2017-02-28 $10,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Best Scholarship 2017-02-28 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
RBC Aboriginal Student Award Program 2017-02-28 $4,000 1st and 2nd year B.A.
Bourse de la Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard 2017-03-01 variable 2nd B.A.; M.A.; PhD
CCHA Scholarship Program 2017-03-03 $1,000 B.A. (hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf)
Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program 2017-03-06 variable B.A.; M.A.; PhD (study in China)
The Leonard Foundation Scholarships 2017-03-15 $1,000-1,500 B.A. (any field); M.A. (Divinity)
Stewart J. Guss College Student Scholarship 2017-03-15 US$1,000 high school; B.A.
Bourse et stage doctoral 2017-2018 2017-03-20 $25,000-30,000 PhD
Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship 2017-03-24 50-100% tuition 4th year B.A. (study in the UK)
Sleeklens Scholarship 2017-03-30 US$2,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Bourses de Mobilité Interprovinciale 2017-03-31 $5,000 B.A; M.A.
Candlelighters Bursary 2017-03-31 $1,000 B.A. (childhood cancer survivors and family members)
Legion Ontario Command Bursaries 2017-03-31 $500 B.A. (CAF members and veterans and their children and grandchildren)
UWE Millennium Development Scholarship for International Students 2017-03-31 full tuition for 1 academic year 4th year B.A.; M.A. (study in the UK)
Scouts Canada Scholarship Program 2017-04-01 $1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.
NACBS Pre-Dissertation Grant 2017-04-01 $4,000 1st & 2nd year PhD
NACBS Dissertation Fellowship 2017-04-01 $5,000-10,000 3rd & 4th year PhD
Lea Roback Scholarship 2017-04-01 $3,500 B.A. (women)
Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship 2017-04-01 $1,000 full-time B.A.; M.A.; PhD (mental health issues)
Canadian-Japanese Mennonite Scholarship 2017-04-01 $2,000 4th year B.A.; 1st year M.A.
Theological Education Bursary 2017-04-01 $1,500-2,500 M.A.; PhD (theology; divinity)
Gloria Baron Prize 2017-04-15 $5,000 high school students; 1st year B.A.
Canon Law Society of America Licentiate Scholarship 2017-04-15 Tuition Fees M.A. (Canon Law)
Canon Law Society of America Doctoral Scholarship 2017-04-15 Tuition Fees PhD (Canon Law)
2017 Senior Care Scholarship 2017-04-15 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest 2017-04-28 $50-20,000 B.A.; M.A.
NEADS National Student Awards Program 2017-04-30 $1,000-5,000 full time B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The Runnerclick Sports and Academic Scholarship 2017-04-30 US$2,000 B.A.; M.A.
Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship Program 2017-04-30 N/A B.A.; M.A.; PhD
J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship 2017-04-30 $5,000 PhD
CFMTA National Essay Competition 2017-05-01 $500-1,000 full time B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction 2017-05-01 $1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Council of Canadian Academies Internship Program 2017-05-08 $18,000 M.A.; PhD (social and health sciences)
Mission Creek Orthodontist Scholarship 2017-05-15 $500 last year high school; 1st-3rd year B.A.
John Wesley Beaver Memorial Award 2017-05-15 $3,000-5,000 high school; college; B.A. (Indigenous)
Jeffrey S. Tanaka Memorial Dissertation Award in Psychology 2017-05-16 $800 PhD (Psychology; Counseling)
Jane Austen Essay Contest 2017 2017-05-21 $250-1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The Reverend Archie MacLachlan Memorial Award 2017-05-31 N/A M.A.; PhD (Counselling; Theology; Divinity)
MADD Canada Bursary Fund 2017-05-31 $4,000-$8,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The Brian M. Keenan Prize 2017-05-31 $1,500 B.A.
CNIB Master’s Scholarships 2017-05-31 $5,000-12,500 M.A. (blind or partially sighted students)
CNIB Scholarship Program 2017-05-31 $1,000-4,000 high school; B.A. (blind or partially sighted students)
Emily Woodward Scholarship 2017-05-31 $2,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Black Canadian Scholarship Fund 2017-05-31 $6,000 high school graduates/ 1st year undergraduates (B.A.)
Les Bourses de la Société Saint-Thomas-d ‘Aquin 2017-05-31 $250-1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Post-Secondary Education Scholarship 2017-06-01 $1,000-30,000 certificate; B.A.; M.A. (Indigenous)
Petro-Canada Award for Indigenous Students 2017-06-01 N/A high school (Indigenous)
Fraser Institute Essay Contest 2017 2017-06-01 $500-1,500 high school; B.A.; M.A.
Ayn Rand Junior Fellows Program 2017-06-15 salaried 4th year B.A.; M.A.; PhD
BBG Communications Scholarship 2017-06-30 $500 high school; B.A.
Black Academic Scholarship Fund 2017-06-30 $2,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.
Four Directions Scholarship 2017 2017-06-30 $1,000 high school entering 1st year B.A.
The National Union's Scholarship Program 2017 2017-07-07 $1,500 B.A. (various profiles)
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada Legacy Scholarship 2017-07-14 $500-5,000 B.A.
Flaherty Research Scholarship 2017-07-22 $2,600-$9,600 4th year B.A.; M.A.; PhD (research in Ireland)
Fittous Scholarship 2017-07-31 $500 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Flipkey Scholarship 2017-08-15 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Jeremy Dias Scholarship 2017-08-15 N/A high school; B.A.
Chaney Ensign Bursary Fund 2017-09-20 N/A B.A.; M.A.; PhD
La Bourse ACCÉD 2017-09-30 $ 1,000 B.A.; M.A; PhD (women)
La Bourse Almanda Walker-Marchand 2017-09-30 $1,000 M.A. (women)
Garage Gym Planner’s Fitness Writing Scholarship 2017-10-25 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Workers’ History Museum Pat McGrath Scholarship 2017-11-01 $1,000 college; B.A.; M.A.; PhD (students with disabilities)
Council of Canadian Academies Internship Program 2017-11-07 $18,000 M.A.; PhD (social and health sciences)
Chevening Scholarship/ Fellowship (UK) 2017-11-08 N/A 4th year B.A.
Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award 2017-11-15 $3,000-$10,000 B.A. (women)
Online Resume Builders Annual Scholarship 2017-12-15 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Contract Mint Scholarship 2017-12-31 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Scholarships for students with disabilities 2018-01-31 Tuition Fees Students with disabilities