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Sometimes it is not possible for students to pay their tuition fees; combining work with study may not be enough to pay all education-related costs. Beyond our diverse activities with the Office of Research and Ethics, we always strive to find scholarships offered by organizations external to Saint Paul University. Scholarships vary widely with flexible admission criteria.

The bursaries Deadline Amount For who
Horatio Alger Ontario Scholarship Program 2014-10-25 $5,000 Full-time students in their terminal year of high school with a commitment to pursue a post-secondary education
OMHF Research Studentship Awards 2014-10-31 $25,000 Ph.D. Students
Word & World: Theology for Christian Ministry 2014-11-01 $1,000 Ph.D. or Th.D.Theology
Scotiabank Customer Scholarchip 2014-11-05 $ 1,000 General
Mindfulness Scholarships Ottawa 2014-11-15 $300 Graduate Students
The Dalton Camp Award 2014-11-15 $10,000 General
Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship 2014-11-15 $ 4,000 To be awarded to an Aboriginal Canadian (Status or Non-Status Indian, Metis or Inuit) who is enrolled at a Canadian University or community college
P.E.O Scholar Awards (PSA) 2014-11-20 $15,000 Women who are pursuing a doctoral level degree
ICCS Graduate Student Scholarships 2014-11-24 $ 4,000 Master's/Ph.D. in social sciences or humanities
Pipe line Constructors Association of Canada Student Bursary Program 2014-11-24 $10,000 Full-time study at a recognized Canadian accredited postsecondary institution of the student’s choice
Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships 2014-11-28 Tuitions fees Graduate
TD Scholarships for Community Leadership 2014-11-28 $10,000 All disciplines are eligible
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language Award 2014-12-09 $7,000 Candidates must be enrolled in the second or third year of their first bachelor's degree program during the 2014-2015 academic year
Hillary M. Weston Scholarship 2014-12-15 $ 7,500 full-time graduate Students
The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Awards 2014-12-15 Awards Canadians in the field of counselling/psychotherapy
Soroptimist International of the Americas Women's Opportunity Award 2014-12-15 $ 5,000 Woman with the primary financial responsibility
Compass Mortgage Group Scholarship 2014-12-30 $500 Students between the ages of 17 and 24 on December 30th, 2014, and have at least one full year of postsecondary studies remaining at the time of award
Donatien-Frémont Internship bursaries 2014-12-31 $500 - $2,000 Communication - Journalism
Internship bursaries 2015-01-01 $500 - $2,000 Communication - Journalism
Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI)-Ottawa Internships 2015-01-01 - General
Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme 2015-01-15 $ 1,000 Post-secondary students
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies 2015-01-15 $ 250 Students with graduate level research ability
The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund 2015-01-15 Tuition fees Women from developing countries
Scholarships for students with disabilities 2015-01-31 Variable Students with disabilities
Soroptmist Foundation of Canada 2015-01-31 $7,500 Women Graduate students
Terry Fox Humaniterian Award Program 2015-02-01 $ 7,000 Undergraduates studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution in Canada Scholarship 2015-02-01 $500 Full time Students enrolled in a diploma, undergraduate or graduate degree program at any accredited Canadian college or university
Silver Spring Farm Scholarship Award 2015-02-28 $1,000 General
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program 2015-02-28 $ 4,000 Status Indian, a Non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis
CHHA Scholarship Program 2015-03-02 $1,000 -1,500 Students who's either hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf
The Dan David Prize 2015-03-10 US$15,000 Doctoral and post-doctoral students
The Leonard Foundation Scholarships 2015-03-15 $1,000 - $1,500 Undergraduate
Canon Law Society of America 2015-04-15 Tuitions fees Students already enrolled in a licentiate program
Bourse pour francophones - Bourse Almanda-Walker-Marchand 2015-04-30 $1,000 Francophone women
MADD Canada Bursary Fund 2015-05-31 $2,000 General